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The Cast

Daniel Larcher
The war made Daniel, a doctor and former mayor of Villeneuve, a lonely and tired man. Scarred by the execution of his brother Marcel and by his wife’s relationship with Heinrich Müller, Daniel is considered by a majority of inhabitants of Villeneuve to be collaborator – and, as the season opens, he stands trial…

Hortense Larcher
Her marriage to Daniel all but over, Hortense has returned home as her husband stands trial. Her relationship with former Nazi intelligence chief Heinrich Müller may be over, but the memory of it consumes her – and she clings to any hope that Müller may somehow return to Villeneuve for her…

Raymond Schwartz
Raymond, a successful businessman, began the Occupation as a collaborator but then, guided by love rather than ideals, ended up joining the ranks of the Resistance. After Liberation, the ambitious machinations of his ex-wife Jeannine thrust him once again into the spotlight.

Heinrich Müller
Müller, the Nazi intelligence chief throughout the Occupation, is in American custody in Germany as the season begins. Wanted for war crimes by both the French and the Soviets, his relationship with Hortense is nothing but a distant memory – but will the flames rekindle on his secret return to Villeneuve?

Jules Bériot
Bériot, director of the school and a former resistance leader, finds his tenure as mayor of Villeneuve ended as new elections are called. His marriage to Lucienne nothing but a facade, he takes out his political frustrations on her, instructing her not to speak and forbidding her from teaching.

Lucienne Bériot
A schoolteacher, Lucienne’s  love affair with the young German officer Kurt Wagner led to the birth of their daughter, Françoise, and ended in tragedy. She married the director of the school, Jules Bériot, who was in love with her. As the season begins, an anonymous letter arrives for Bériot which rips open old wounds…

Jeannine Chassagne
Raymond’s ex-wife, Jeannine subsequently married Philippe Chassagne, president of the Villeneuve Chamber of Commerce and a notorious collaborator. After his execution, she tried to leave the city but was arrested. After her release, she embarked on a series of ambitious business projects involving the Americans. Her latest political salvage project: her ex-husband, Raymond.

Gustave Larcher
Gustave is the son of the late Resistance leader Marcel, and the nephew of Daniel and Hortense. He spent most of the war with his uncle. Now 15 years old, Gustave’s involvement with the black market gets him into a very bad situation – and at the same time, he discovers and is inspired by his father’s Socialist ideals…

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