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Aber Bergen, a character-driven legal drama from the creator of Mammon, now on MHz Choice.

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Erik Aber is one of Bergen’s – and Norway’s – shrewdest and most successful defense attorneys. His ex-wife, Elea Bergen, is the other one. Together, they run their eponymous law firm as a lean, mean, moneymaking machine, along with an unorthodox ensemble of lawyers. Too bad they can’t run their personal lives with the same degree of success. As the series begins, Elea announces she’s made a new hire – one that doesn’t sit well with Erik…

Soon after this we’re thrown straight into the courtroom, as Erik defends his best friend against murder charges and Elea learns that even the simplest of cases can become very complicated very fast. Erik is played by actor and comedian Odd-Magnus Williamson, also a credited writer on four of the ten episodes. Elea is played by Ellen Dorrit Petersen, best known to MHz Choice subscribers for her role as Inger Moen Hansteen in Acquitted. Principal writer for the first season is Gjermund Eriksen, renowned as the creator, writer and producer for both seasons of international award-winner Mammon.

Note: Seasons 2 and 3 will premiere on MHz Choice later this year.

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