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Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?

SPOILER ALERT! Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?
Odd-Magnus Williamson as Eric

The Firm

Erik Aber and Elea Bergen are two of Bergen’s – and Norway’s – shrewdest and most successful defense attorneys. Together, they run their eponymous law firm as a lean, mean and (occasionally) moneymaking machine, along with an unorthodox team of lawyers: Magnus Braseth, a legally blind specialist in criminal law and copyright whose self-admitted sole handicap is a complete lack of introspection, and brilliant, ambitious business attorney Diana Drange. New associate Unn Frøynes, fresh off the train from Oslo, is hired by Elea over Erik’s objections. Diana’s not thrilled, either – and immediately sets about making young Unn’s life a living hell.

The Audit

Erik wakes up from a fever dream to find himself in a hotel room with two women – one of whom turns out to be tax administrator Juliane Bull, who subsequently shows up at the office for an official audit. Awkward! She’s there, as she tells Elea, based on a tip-off. But a tip-off from whom? Could it have something to do with Elea’s father, Carl, who runs rival law firm Wessel & Adler? Hmmm…

Ellen Dorrit Petersen as Elea

Case(s) in Point

While dealing with the audit in the office and raising their teenage son, Jørgen, at home, Elea preps for a lawsuit against Haukeland Hospital, alleging that a terminally ill single mother received a false diagnosis, seeking restitution for her soon-to-be orphaned son. Magnus defends the mayor of Bergen after she is accused of sending harassing texts to one of her colleagues, and Unn defends actor Bjarte Hjelmeland (playing himself) who’s in a bit of a jam after jokingly claiming to be a doctor on a flight back from the States – easier than explaining he just plays one on TV! Too bad for him there was a real-life medical emergency mid-Atlantic…

Murder Mysteries

Erik enters court to represent Bjørn Beck, his best friend who stands accused of murder. (Unorthodox, yes, even in Bergen!) When Bjørn seemingly kills himself in custody, Erik is convinced his friend was murdered because he knew too much about… something. But what? Erik’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. He juggles this extra-curricular investigation with his day job: even taking on a case with political overtones that he normally wouldn’t (“I don’t do politics,” he says) when he finds out the prosecutor is from his “evil” father-in-law’s firm.

Home Front

Elea and Erik return home to find son Jørgen bruised and beaten. Turns out he’s been doing some drug dealing on the side with his girlfriend (“It beats sweeping the floors at Ikea”) and a big one goes south to the tune of 100,000 grand. What is Elea more furious about, do you think: her son stealing from her (so she believes), her son dealing drugs – or that time he hits Grandpa up for 70 grand behind her back? Answers in an email, please. All this trouble does have some unintended positive consequences: Erik and Jørgen finally do some proper father-son bonding, and even the feuding exes manage to reconnect…

The Plot Thickens

Meanwhile, Linda Leland – the prosecution’s main witness in the Bjørn Beck murder case – turns up dead. Her accused killer, Rikard Fuglesang, requests that Erik defend him. Rikard claims he’s been framed – he has documents in his possession that prove powerful government officials are getting huge pay-offs from a mysterious entity known as Utsikt Invest. As the casualties mount, Erik realizes Elea’s father might be involved in the large-scale corruption. Erik finds himself arrested for murder and receives an unexpected offer: a key piece of evidence in exchange for a favor to be named later, no questions asked. He takes the deal – but will he live to regret it in Season 2?

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