Season 2 Premieres August 25th!


A new season of the hit Swedish TV crime drama Alex coming to MHz Choice!

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A dark, gritty Scandi Noir thriller about a very bad cop desperately trying to go straight. At the end of Season 1, Alex’s world totally fell apart. He saved his son from the mafia but paid a heavy price. His wife left him and he was sent to jail for killing a fellow police officer. His only chance for survival might very well be to join the gangs he fought in his other life. But when his ex-partner Frida comes to him and offers to reduce his sentence in exchange for becoming an undercover informant, hope reignites in Alex. His family needs him, especially his son Simon, who is taking a wrong path in life. Maybe he still has a shot at redemption? Alex’s resolve and character is tested once again as he gets caught into a complex game, where everyone, including the police, tries to play him and danger is always lurking.

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