First Look: Inspector Coliandro (Season 3)

Season 3 premieres Sept. 18th!


He’s back – and not a moment too soon! Inspector Coliandro returns with a brand-new season, premiering September 18th only on MHz Choice!

Premieres September 18th!

Giampaolo Morelli (Song of Napoli) returns as the lovable, retro doof (one-part Clint Eastwood, one-part Inspector Clouseau) who works the mean streets of Bologna in a series of stylized and comic misadventures. Season 3 sees our handsome but not-too-bright inspector exiled to public transportation duty (aka collecting bus tickets), assigned to protect the world’s most annoying witness, tangling with a Latino drug lord, going undercover as a cabbie, being held captive by a psycho killer and, as we see in the clip below, unknowingly shacking up with a glamorous Russian assassin!

Notable developments in the new season (in no particular order):

While we will never learn Coliandro’s first name – author Carlo Lucarelli has made that clear – we do learn his mother’s nickname for him when he was a kid! Watch the second episode to find out what that is…

Giampaolo Morelli as Coliandro

Gargiulo’s been promoted, given a new office and finally moves out of his mama’s house and gets his own place! (But she practically moves in to cook for him, of course…)

Giuseppe Solari as Gargiulo

Two new series regulars are introduced: Bernarda Paffoni (aka “Paffo”), the Assistant Director of Forensics, an outgoing and socially voracious woman of mature years who takes a particular liking to Coli, and Superintendent Buffarini (aka “Buffa”), a rookie investigator whose youth belies her extensive experience working undercover as the granddaughter of an ’Ndragheta boss!

(L to R): Luisella Notari as Bernarda Paffoni and Benedetta Cimatti as Superintendent Buffarini

And, finally, in Episode 4, a bout of amnesia has Coliandro waking up and thinking he’s the man he’s always dreamed of being… a hard-nosed, tough-as-nails master criminal with a predilection for one-liners! (Too bad it’s all in his head, eh?)

Inspector Coliandro Season 3 premieres September 18th only on MHz Choice! Bestiale!

Giampaolo Morelli as ????

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First Look: The Octopus (La Piovra) Complete Series


The classic Italian Mafia thriller The Octopus (La Piovra) makes its triumphant MHz Choice debut – all 10 seasons!

Now Streaming!

First broadcast in Italy in 1984, The Octopus (La Piovra) was an international phenomenon, running for ten seasons over 18 years. The title of this much-loved series says it all, evoking the image of a secret criminal cabal extending its tentacles into every layer of society. Ultimately filmed on three continents, The Octopus brings scope and sophistication to the story of an age-old battle, and shows the cost men and women pay when they stand up to the injustice of organized crime.

Created by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Ennio de Concini (Il Grido, Divorce Italian Style) and director Damiano Damiani (A Bullet for the General), The Octopus was the first Italian TV series to take a realistic look at the Mafia and law enforcement – and the first to present the police in a heroic, if flawed, light. In the first season, police inspector Corrado Cattani (Michele Placido) is transferred to Sicily with his wife and young daughter. As he investigates the assassination of his predecessor, the Mafia strike back. His family soon becomes the target of threats, but nothing will stop Cattani on his single-minded quest for justice…

This initial six-part limited series proved so popular that it spawned nine follow-up seasons – including a pair of prequels – over the next two decades, each one opening up the scope of the story a little more. Taken as a whole, the ten seasons of The Octopus provide a vivid and detailed look at the rise of the Sicilian Mafia, from the 1950s straight through to the 1990s. In scope, it is unparalleled. Despite the age of these productions, the ideas and performances shine through. The plots are endlessly complex and fascinating – as are the characters.

Michele Placido as Corrado Cattani

Michele Placido won international fame for his role as police inspector Corrado Cattani, a role that brought him icon status throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where the show was particularly popular. The music, by legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone, was equally iconic. The outstanding international cast included Academy Award-winner Martin Balsam (A Thousand Clowns, 12 Angry Men), Remo Girone (Live By Night, Voice From The Stone), Angelo Infanti (The Godfather), Francisco Rabal (Belle de Jour, Sorcerer), Bruno Cremer (Maigret) and Luca Zingaretti (Detective Montalbano), among notable others.

Beginning with the third season, director Luigi Perelli and screenwriters Sando Petraglia and Stefano Rulli took over creative direction and the show went from strength to strength, culminating with the Season 4 finale, the final episode to feature Michele Placido’s Inspector Cattani, which achieved record viewing figures for Italian broadcaster RAI in 1989.

From the fifth season, Remo Girone’s arch villain Tano Cariddi took on added dimensions and became as iconic in his own right as Placido’s police inspector was. French actress Patricia Millardet and Italian leading man Vittorio Mezzogiorno led the revamped cast, and the series continued its groundbreaking, ripped-from-the-headlines plots – echoing and, in some cases, predating seminal events in the then-contemporary battle against the Sicilian Mafia.

All ten seasons of The Octopus premiere September 18th on MHz Choice and on MHz Choice on DVD.

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Labor Day Weekend Binge Guide 2018

What to Watch This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day marks the end of summer – and what a summer it’s been for MHz Choice! Here’s a look at some of this summer’s most popular shows for you to binge on this Labor Day weekend…



Spiral (Engrenages): Season 6*


Summer kicked off (unofficially) with the welcome return of the Spiral gang! How does Laure cope with motherhood? How does Judge Roban deal with his health crisis? And, most importantly, how does Gilou deal with a giant stuffed panda? If you haven’t seen it yet, this weekend is the perfect time to do so! (And yes, Season 7 is currently in production, but no – there is no release date yet. We’ll let you know when there’s news!)

 * Due to distribution limitations, this program is only available to stream within the U.S. only.

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Detective Montalbano Episodes 31 & 32


Summer’s not really summer without a new pair of mysteries for Salvo to solve, is it? Luca Zingaretti reprised his iconic role in the 31st and 32nd installments of the international blockbuster series, which also saw the welcome return of Cesare Bocci as Mimi, Peppino Mazzotta as Fazio and, of course, Angelo Russo as Catarella!

Tatort: Borowski Season 3


(L to R) Klaus Borowski (Axel Milberg) & Sarah Brandt (Sibel Kekilli) in Tatort: Borowski

Axel Milberg returned as Klaus Borowski in nine new episodes of this subscriber favorite – which also featured the welcome return of Maren Eggert as Frieda! (Was that last episode kind of weird or what?) Good news for fans of the B-Man: new ‘Borowski’ episodes will premiere on MHz Choice next year, including the very special 1000th episode of the ‘Tatort’ franchise!

Crime Scene Cleaner Season 3


The immensely popular German comedy returned for a brand-new season, which saw Schotty matching wits with a female humanoid robot, a moderately talented clown, a hyper-PC mom-to-be and a former mustard heir, among others.



Camorra Connection


Camorra Connection

Dramatically compelling, Camorra Connection is not for the faint of heart – its violence isn’t necessarily graphic, but always wrenching. The series is loosely based on real events and chronicles the work of Judge Andrea Esposito and his team to battle the oppression imposed on citizens in the fictional town of Castello d’Aversa. Catch up on all eight episodes of this gripping series this weekend – and then get ready for the granddaddy of all Italian Mafia sagas as The Octopus (La Piovra) makes its MHz Choice debut – all ten seasons – on September 18th!

Johan Falk Seasons 2 & 3


Jakob Eklund as Johan Falk

It’s the end – but who will live and who will die? The long-awaited return of fan favorite Johan Falk rocked MHz Choice subscribers to the core. Here are just some of their comments:

“Thank you MHz. Top quality show. Bravo!!!”

“I enjoyed every minute of this. So masculine but not too much, just right.”

“It’s hard to like Falk. But it’s harder not to! LOL”

“Noooooo! I can’t stand the suspense.”

New episodes of Season 3 culminate with the series finale premiering September 11th, 2018. Don’t miss it!

Turkish For Beginners Season 3


Josefine Preuß and Elyas M'Barek in Turkish for Beginners

The last word in clashing cultures and raging hormones arrived as the third and final season of Turkish For Beginners premiered on MHz Choice in July! Season 3 began with Lena and her best pal Kati graduating from high school, and ended with… Nah, that would be telling. Watch this hilarious series from start to finish and find out!



Homicide Unit Istanbul Season 3


Homicide Unit Istanbul

Location, location, location! The third season of Homicide Unit Istanbul continues to thrill because of the exotic places Inspector Mehmet Özakin and his trusty assistant Mustafa go to in their investigations. Racing from gleaming, urban offices to bazaars to winding roads and farms in the middle of exquisite countryside… it’s all part of the job! And there’s usually a chase or a fight scene where Inspector Özakin gives the perp what for against the backdrop of beautiful, ancient Istanbul. If you’re going to chase the bad guys, why not do it in a beautiful place?

Mafia Only Kills In Summer


Edoardo Buscetta as Salvatore

A delightful gem (with a hard edge) to close out another epic MHz Choice summer, Mafia Only Kills In Summer takes you into the world of ten-year-old Salvatore Giammarresi, a keen observer of the adults around him and the ironies of growing up in Palermo in the 1970s. It’s The Wonder Years meets The Octopus – a bittersweet but ultimately uplifting tale of growing up in a world under the iron grip of the Mafia.

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First Look: Johan Falk (Season 3)

All seasons now streaming!


It’s the end – but who will live and who will die? The final season of Johan Falk now streaming only on MHz Choice!

Now Streaming

It all starts with a callback to Zero Tolerance, the first film in the series – Falk in a courthouse, contemplating Lady Justice. This older (not necessarily wiser) Johan bears the scars of years of battle, but he’s not ready to give up the fight yet – not while there’s bad guys to pursue and his ever-growing family to protect. Outside, Johan gets a call from the wife of a gangster he shot dead at the end of Season 2, setting off a dangerous chain of events that will have far-reaching consequences for the entire GSI team.

In the past, Falk and Co. infiltrated criminal organizations. This season, the tables are turned and it’s the criminals who have infiltrated GSI, which lends a new layer of suspense and a “whodunnit?” element to the story. No one, not even our heroes, knows who can be trusted – and even Falk himself is a suspect!

A word to the wise, though – better brush up on your “Falkology” before diving into these new episodes, both the original Johan Falk Trilogy and the first two seasons. Characters from as far back as Executive Protection (2001) return, and situations which seemed insignificant at the time turn out to have greater importance in the overall scheme of things. Some of the plotting is quite complex and ingenious, and ends up casting characters we thought we knew in a completely different light! If you don’t have time to binge all previous episodes, the key installments to re-visit are Executive Protection and “Special Operations Group” and “Operation Nightingale” from Season 1.

All the GSI regulars are present and accounted for, still dealing with the personal and professional aftermath of the traumatic events of the Season 2 finale. Niklas and Vidar, everybody’s second-favorite “will they or won’t they?” couple, are put through the emotional wringer as Niklas goes on a deep cover mission from which he may never return. Sophie and Seth Rydell, “will they or won’t they?” couple #1, are also riding an emotional roller coaster, and the chemistry between them is absolutely captivating to watch. For such an action-packed show, there are some terrific performances from some first-rate actors going on here!

And speaking of first-rate actors, a pair of performers from another popular Swedish series joins the cast: Björn Bengtsson and Aliette Opheim of Thicker Than Water fame play two characters who, in their own ways, make life increasingly complicated for Seth! (Can his life get more complicated? You bet it can!)

But, in the end, it all comes down to the original Falk family: Johan, Helén and Nina. It’s poignant, knowing this is the final season, to watch Jakob Eklund, Marie Richardson and Hanna Alsterlund play these characters one last time. And it’s sobering to think that Hanna was just ten years old when she first played Nina in Zero Tolerance back in 1999! How time flies.

Watching these last episodes, there’s a feeling the series has come full circle – Johan defending his family against outside threats. The occasional Season 1 indiscretion with Anja aside, he’s been remarkably consistent over the years in putting his family first. That family has grown to include their son, Ola, Nina’s boyfriend, Bill, and Nina and Bill’s soon-to-be-born child. (Yes, Johan and Helén are going to be grandparents.) Johan summarized his feelings in his famous speech from The Third Wave: “I’m going to build a house of stone. And if anyone tries to harm my family… I’ll shoot the bastards.” Simple and direct – that’s Johan. In “The End” – the unmistakably titled series finale – Johan states his case even more succinctly: “You go against my family, you die!” And, as we continue to see, he has no problem putting his own life on the line to save his loved ones.

Johan Falk: The Final Season is now streaming on MHz Choice!

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First Look: Turkish for Beginners (Season 3)

Season 3 now premiering!


The last word in clashing cultures and raging hormones arrives when the third (and final) season of acclaimed German comedy Turkish for Beginners is now streaming only on MHz Choice!

Season 3 Now Available

Praised by DW as “a highly entertaining bonanza of cultural stereotypes,” Turkish for Beginners stars Josefine Preuß as Lena Schneider, a typical German teenager living with her mom, Doris, and Doris’ Turkish boyfriend Metin, plus his two kids: Cem, a macho wannabe whose main goal in life is being cool, and the stern, hyper-religious Yagmur, who masks her grief over her own mother’s death by throwing herself into Islam. The family expands further when Doris’ right-wing, xenophobic father moves in with them. One big happy, right? Things get even more complicated when Lena and Cem fall for each other – then break up at the end of the second season.

Season 3 begins with Lena and her best friend Kati graduating from high school – and Cem informing Metin that he flunked out and has to repeat senior year. (Academics was never his strong point, observes Doris, but Metin still doesn’t take the news well.) Meanwhile, Yagmur doesn’t plan on graduating either – she sits at home alone in her room, waiting for C-C-Costa to return from Greece and propose to her. Exactly how Yagmur ended up back home after Season 2 ended with she and Costa secretly setting off for Greece together, well… that’s a mystery that’s eventually revealed around the halfway point of the new season. And speaking of revelations, after 36 episodes of one-sided conversations, we *finally* meet Lena’s best friend for the first time! Yes, Kati’s back from America – and the two are almost immediately at each others’ throats when they realize they’re both competing for the same internship! Career trumps friendship, says Kati. (Lena’s new video pen pal? Her dad, having returned to the Amazon after the conclusion of Season 2!)

Meanwhile, Cem dates a bunch of girls, all of whom bear more than a passing resemblance to Lena – a fact that doesn’t escape her notice. It doesn’t escape his notice, either, that no matter what else he does, he can’t seem to get his mind off her. Will the inevitable happen? You’ll have to watch to find out. But this season, more than any other, is full of heart. Season 3 still brings the funny, as raunchy and outrageous as ever, but what viewers come away with at the end is a deep affinity with and affection for the characters, all of whom grow and change in unexpected ways over the course of these 16 episodes. Yes, even Hermi the Nazi grandpa.

So get ready for one last helping of love, laughs and a ton of uniquely German pop culture references! (This is still the only show that can casually reference Goethe in one scene and debate the relative merits of Tatort: Munich in the next.) Growing up has never been this much fun!

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