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Final Episodes Tease Trailer

The final episodes of Beck, the longest-running Swedish film series of all time, are now streaming on MHz Choice! Watch online or stream to your TV or favorite device!

Buried Alive

Martin is caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a killer who buries his victims in wooden boxes.
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The Family

Martin investigates a gangland shooting and Gunvald gets too close to the victim’s widow.
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An internal power struggle grips Beck’s team as they investigate a tragic trailer park fire.
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Episode Guide


Martin Beck
Swedish detective Martin Beck is good at one thing – methodically catching criminals so they can be put away for a long time. He’s been doing this a long time, and now maybe the time has come to think about retirement.
Peter Haber IMDB

Gunvald Larsson
Beck’s trusted deputy; a dashing, impulsive figure who never met a boundary he didn’t leap across. With a non-existent private life and few social skills, Gunvald is the classic “bad cop” – and a perfect foil for Martin!
Mikael Persbrandt IMDB

Steinar Hovland 
An accomplished investigator from Norway, whose laid-back manner belies his killer drive as a cop. Steinar brings with him the baggage of a complicated home life – one of his reasons for moving to Stockholm in the first place.
Kristofer Hivju IMDB

Oskar Bergman
Oskar has grown into a seasoned investigator – albeit one who doesn’t quite have his work/home life balance in check. Gunvald ribs him about that – and also tutors him in “bad cop” interrogation techniques on the side!
Måns Nathanaelson IMDB

Klas Fredén
Beck’s new boss takes a much more hands-on approach than his predecessors; sitting in on meetings and suggesting strategy. He has no issue going over Martin’s head, either, but this gung-ho attitude may hide a darker side.
Jonas Karlsson IMDB

Ayda Çetin
IT specialist Ayda at first seems as icy as Gunvald, but soon warms to her colleagues – and wins them over with her investigative skills and razor-sharp mind. She does tend to get annoyed with Oskar, who has a habit of saying the wrong things around her!
Elmira Erikan IMDB

Jenny Bodén
The quietest member of the team, ambitious Jenny concentrates on watching and learning. As she confesses to Ayda, if and when Martin retires, “Gunvald will be Martin, Oskar will be Gunvald – and I’ll be Oskar.”
Ana Asp IMDB

Gunilla Urnst
60-ish, sharp and with a zest for life, Stockholm’s new police coroner takes an instant liking to Martin – and the attraction is mutual. But as he should know from experience, workplace relationships rarely have happy endings.
Anu Sinisalo IMDB

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