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First Look: Season 3

ABOVE: What's in a name? Schotty ponders the answer to this question as he visits a hyper-PC mom-to-be who's ready to pop!


Season 1 Trailer

In this immensely popular German comedy, Bjarne Mädel stars as Heiko “Schotty” Schotte – a man whose work begins where others pass in horror. He’s a contract cleaner, sent to sanitize crime scenes after the police have finished their investigations.
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Season 2 Trailer

Schotty’s back with all-new episodes! This time his clients include a wacky ex-girlfriend, an obsessive neat freak, a fanatical survivalist and… a gorilla named Priszilla? Bjarne Mädel stars in this hilarious German comedy.
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Meet Schotty’s Season 3 Clients!

Dagmar Drexler is overworked, uptight and has a short fuse. Tasked with making arrangements for her father-in-law’s funeral while fielding constant calls from the office pushes her to the breaking point. Noticing this, Schotty proposes a new challenge for her: Learning how to tell a little white lie…

Robert Kündrich is a peculiar young man. A stickler for rules and routine, he’s been coming to the same ice cream parlor every Sunday for years, always ordering the same thing: a peach melba with two waffles instead of one. Sure, the owner’s blood is everywhere, but Robert wants his ice cream – so it’s up to Schotty to prepare the perfect sundae!

Constanze Krüger runs Astrum (formerly Krüger Mustard) – a religion emporium very much like a spiritual dating agency. Just describe your spiritual needs and Astrum will find the perfect religion to relieve all your existential woes. Should none of the established religions suffice, Astrum will create a personalized religion just for you. And that’s when Schotty walks in…

Much like the burnout friend we all remember from high school who later made it big, Dennis Banger scored his initial fortune on the stock market with 500 euros he borrowed from Schotty – but did he pay ever him back? Banger insists he did, Schotty is sure he didn’t. Time to call in the rest of the FC Dieter gang to settle the argument – and jam some kickass tunes!

E.M.M.A. 206
Are you challenged by powerful, independent women? Then E.M.M.A. 206 is the woman for you! Designed to be the perfect female companion for the modern man, the biotronic android E.M.M.A. falls a little short of the mark in the emotion department. Schotty thinks he can help her out with a crash course in human emotion – but what happens if she really crashes?

Grimmehein runs a consulting firm and believes every employee should display efficiency, organization and time management under all circumstances, even if a co-worker commits suicide at the office. Although he is a tough leader, Grimmehein believes that human beings do indeed have some limitations. However, when our favorite crime scene cleaner arrives to do his job, Grimmehein puts Schotty’s limits to the ultimate test…

Silke is a hyper-PC mom-to-be, almost ready to pop, who (unsurprisingly) gets into fast-talking debates with Schotty as he tries desperately to convince her not to name her son “Özgür”. Schotty thinks any kid with that name will get hassled over it, but Silke informs him that “Özgür” is a beautiful name that means “free man” in Turkish. Who’s right and who’s wrong – or is it not so black-and-white?

Steffen loves and is dedicated to his craft. He’s just not very good at it, at least according to Schotty. Why would someone spend years performing for no pay in front of empty seats, especially when Steffen used to be a successful real estate developer? Little does Schotty suspect that it’s more about happiness than “success” – and just how happy can one be cleaning up crime scenes, huh?

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