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The Anti-Mafia Squad finds out the syndicate controlling Palermo is fragmented but deadlier than ever.  Sicilian Mafiosi returning from America want control… and revenge. 

Some advice before plunging into Anti-Mafia Squad. Keep in mind that no matter what’s happening in the scene, when men roll up on motorbikes, it’s not good. (Longtime MHz viewers first learned this during The Octopus). Secondly, if you like explosions/gun battles, you will enjoy this series. Thirdly, the Italians can’t seem to help themselves from creating likable ensembles and this series is no exception. So the story is not edgy or one of unremitting tension, but bounces back and forth between shadow and light, drama and comedy.

The series is about the continued campaign by the same Anti-Mafia group that brought The Last Godfather, Bernardo Provenzano to justice. The team is led by newcomer Claudia Mares from Rome, whose style involves new approaches and quick, decisive moves. This, of course, rubs her new team the wrong way. The specialists include three members who helped catch The Last Godfather: Alfiere, Gigante and Africa. They’re also joined by Viola, and their scenes bring humor and humanity to the episodes.

The Sicilian agent who summons Deputy Chief Mares to Palermo is Stephano Lauria (Massimo Poggio, who played the editor in Bulletproof Heart). In the first episode he gets Mares to an unbugged location to brief her on the extent of Mafia infiltration in Italian society and government. Let’s just say it’s a short meeting.

One other thing to keep in mind about Anti-Mafia Squad – it’s no more representative of Sicilian life than the notion that America is accurately depicted by Die Hard movies. But that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining… and it is loosely based on the efforts by Sicilian law enforcement to get a handle on things after Provenzano was captured. So sit back, watch the bullets fly and remember that you can never get enough images from beautiful Sicily, even if blood’s running through a few of them.

And remember about men on motorbikes and you’ll be good.

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