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The hypnotizing documentary, Death in Leon, chronicles the assassination of one of Spain’s most controversial politicians, a woman who made many enemies in her rise to power as president of Leon’s People’s Populist Party. By the end, you’re not sure all the right people went to jail. And if they did, were they working alone? The victim, shot in broad daylight, was Isabel Carrasco, a pit bull at work and in her personal life. The word ‘ambitious’ does not begin to describe her, but that’s normal in the world of politics… right? One is left with the sense that she disrupted the established order too much, and was seen as a force that needed to be stopped by the old boy network in Leon’s Populist Party.

Two other major players in this story are Triana Martínez, a young woman hired by Carrasco as a communications engineer and treated as a rising star, and her mother Montserrat González, who grieved to the point of desperation when she saw her daughter suffer professional rejection and bullying from Carrasco after crossing her.

In this clip, you see Carrasco riding high before her election as Populist Party president in Leon. Then you see Montserrat González on trial for Carrasco’s murder, describing her reaction when Carrasco won the party election – the woman who had made her daughter’s life a living hell.

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