New episode Premieres May 26, 2020


Two new Detective Montalbano episodes premiering June 18th and June 25th on MHz Choice! 

Detective Montalbano episodes are like old friends: you know what to expect, you’ve been waiting to see them all year and getting in their presence is a feast for the soul.

That’s why June is our favorite month at MHz Choice, when the new Montalbanos arrive!

The first of the two episodes, “The Other End of the Line” will not disappoint, and features the schtick that makes the series so delightful. In this first clip, Montalbano (Luca Zingaretti) is petting the cat that belonged to the murder victim when Catarella (Angelo Russo) brings his usual whirlwind of flustered energy.

As most viewers already know, the series Detective Montalbano was inspired by the blockbuster crime fiction of Andrea Camilleri. Camilleri wrote about the Sicily he grew up in, one which no longer exists 90 years after his childhood. (As of this writing, he’s 93.) In his strange, fantastic stories and novels about Commissario Salvo Montalbano, he depicted the scenes and characters from his early years in the coastal town of Porto Empedocle. Some things in his writing will escape me always, as a non-Italian, non-Sicilian speaker… such as the flipping back and forth between Sicilian and Italian, his plays on words and his invented words. But there’s another aspect to his writing that transcends language and is accessible to all – his depiction of side characters. It seems a misnomer to call them minor because each one is so fully realized and interesting. They stay in your head, like a Dickens or a Tolstoy character – their passions and inner world are so real. Here’s an example – the young man, Lillo Scotto, talking about his crush on his boss, the seamstress, Elena.

Kudos also go to the scriptwriting team working with Camilleri – Francesco Bruni, Salvatore de Mola, Leonardo Marini and Valentina Alferi – and to director Alberto Sironi who always makes impeccable casting choices. Together, year after year, the team assembles the elements for magic.

The most magical element of all, of course, being Sicily. Especially the way it looks in the Detective Montalbano series – very few cars, empty, sunwashed streets, and that fantastic light. Just like Tano Cariddi (Remo Girone) says in The Octopus Season 3, episode 6, “You did well to come here… Sicily is beautiful this time of year.”

Detective Montalbano is available exclusively on MHz Choice.

Luca Zingaretti reprises his iconic role as Salvo Montalbano in the 33rd and 34th installments of this international blockbuster series, which premiered in Italy earlier this year. Series regulars Cesare Bocci (Mimi), Peppino Mazzotta (Fazio) and Angelo Russo (Catarella) also return in the new episodes, which are again directed by Alberto Sironi, who has helmed every installment of the series from the beginning.

These new episodes will also be available on DVD on June 25, 2019.

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