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They’re back! Gåsmamman Season 3 on MHz Choice!

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Alexandra Rapaport in Gåsmamman

Gåsmamman Season 3 sees the return of the entire regular cast, led by the incomparable Alexandra Rapaport as Sonja, matriarch of Ek-Nordin clan, which more and more has come to resemble a shady Swedish version of The Brady Bunch! Sonja’s family now includes her partner, John Appelqvist, his son, Kasper, and Sonja’s nephew, Niko – the son of Niklas, her late brother, and Hanna, her best friend. Sonja’s youngest son, Linus, is starting to raise some hell of his own, but not as much as her older son, Gustav, who’s started a secret relationship with drug smuggler Juana – the wife of notorious imprisoned gangster Speedy. (That can’t end well, can it?) Ironically, Sonja’s previously unstable daughter, Nina, is now the most stable of the bunch, having thrown herself into her art and a new exhibition at Sonja’s friend Kattis’ gallery – as you can see from this clip, everyone who is anyone is there for the opening!

Meanwhile, a turf war is heating up between rival Colombian and Icelandic drug gangs, with Barry caught in the middle… A fluke car accident brings danger for crooked cop Mimmi Olsson, and another unfortunate traffic incident involving Linus and Kasper will come back to haunt everyone – just another day at the office for the Mama Goose and her fam!

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