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New Episodes March 2 & March 9, 2021

And now for something completely beautiful, how about solving fresh mysteries in France’s amazing northern peninsula of Brittany? Inspector Dupin (Pasquale Aleardi) returns with two new episodes, in which the good inspector does his usual maverick thing, dashing off, reacting to hunches and asking for forgiveness later. Long-suffering girlfriend Claire continues to give more grace than most would. (Hmmm… how long can this last?) Just to see what a challenging boyfriend he can be, take a look at how he obsesses over boxes of evidence in the middle of the night and then tapes them off so she won’t touch them when she wakes up. Bad Inspector!

In these new episodes we travel to the mythic Brocéliande Forest – thought to be the location of Arthurian legend – and to the underbelly of high society in the coastal town of Concarneau. Any way you slice it, there’s coastal beaches, lush forests, cobblestone streets and a dead body or two. Just the way we like it! And for a little behind-the-scenes info, the reason we’re folding these episodes into Season 1 is because that’s all they’ve released since we rolled out Inspector Dupin in September 2019. Two new stories aren’t enough to make a season, so we’re adding them to Season 1. Either way, you get to return to Brittany and experience the magic of this stunning, culturally diverse corner of France.

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