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As fans of Murder In… know, nothing beats mysteries set in the back roads of France, especially when the filming includes soaring drone shots. Lovers of aerials of the French countryside will not be disappointed! This three-parter is set in Ardèche, in the southeast of France – an area filled with forests, rivers, culture, medieval history and caves. Fun fact: Ardèche is the site of those hauntingly beautiful Paleolithic cave drawings that stunned the world when they were discovered in 1994.

We may be in this wondrous setting – but Sarah (Claire Keim) wakes up one morning to find her beautiful husband never made it back from a walk.

So begins the unveiling of secrets around Sarah’s husband and his family. The most devastating revelation is that he committed suicide – or so the authorities say. Her personal investigation also leads to a discovery of a relationship he had with a woman 20 years earlier. Nosing around causes her to be questioned by a cop (Samuel Juoy) who MHz Choice viewers will recognize from The Churchmen, in which he played the ex-con turned priest, José Del Sarte.

 * Due to distribution limitations, this program is only available to stream within the U.S. only.