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Season 2 of the Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries, France’s take on good ol’ MHC’s classic tales of suspense, arrives! These twisty, turny stories are revered around the world – none of her books has ever gone out of print and the first one is in its 75th printing – but the French really love them some Clark. She may be American, but she’s France’s number one best-selling author, and they have lovingly adapted her novels and other pieces accordingly.

But first…
Yes, there was a Season 1, and yes, you can watch all of them, also. Now, do you have to watch the first season in order to get what’s going on? No – in fact, you don’t even have to start at the beginning of season 2! Each of the 90 minute films are self-contained with unique, and uniquely unsettling, dramas. What Clark is good at, and what this series highlights to a chilling degree, is that uncanny notion that terrible nightmares can come true for anyone, even the innocent and unsuspecting. She especially preys on the anxieties of parents, and the endless, nagging fears of loss inherent to the job. In other words, these delicious little televised bon bons will force you to face your most agonizing trepidations, this time in French.

And they’re great. What’s not to love? Season 2 starts off with a mother, haunted by an unspeakable event in her past, grappling with her sanity as she tries to re-start her life with her loving husband. Can her life in her beautiful country house ever be normal again? It’s Mary Higgins Clark so you know there’s a twist or two (or seven) and the jaw-clenching intensity never lets up. This set of stories also features MHC fan-fave The Cradle Will Fall. If you’re of a certain age, you probably saw this on your parents’ nightstand and couldn’t escape it as a re-running TV movie. I’m very pleased to say that this version is a fresh, French take on the original that does not disappoint. In her modern Christie style, Clark revamped the old “crime witnessed from a window” idea and put her own spin on it. This series adds still another. Because each episode is its own self-contained movie, The Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries doesn’t feel bingeable, but that’s okay. This format just gives you more time to savor one each night, anxiously gripping your cat while various characters walk right into traps or fall prey to evil. Your week is set!

So, prepare yourselves for some intensely enjoyable stuff from the Queen of Suspense. French television really never disappoints, having undergone something of a renaissance just like the U.S. in the last decade, and this veritable tribute to the work of Mary Higgins Clark is a perfect example of the sophisticated, complex notes that can be struck, en français, even on beloved favorites.

The Mary Higgins Clark Season 1 Collection (DVD)
Mary Higgins Clark is the Queen of Suspense, with over 3.7 million books sold worldwide. Clark is one of the all-time bestselling fiction authors in France, where she received the Grand Prix de Littérature Policiè re in 1980 and was named Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters in the Legion of Honor. Now, the acclaimed novelist is reinvented in a new series of TV movies based on her most popular mysteries, with thrilling plots, gorgeous scenery and nerve-shattering suspense.

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