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Miss Friman's War, Season 2: The fight continues

Having found her purpose in Season 1, to lift Stockholm’s women and poor out of social and legal oppression, Miss Friman and the gang are full steam ahead.

Are the sisters still ‘doing it for themselves’?
You better believe it. After hard-won success, the food co-op continues to flourish – so well, that they’re able to expand to fancier digs, though it breaks Mrs. Schlyter’s nostalgic heart to say goodbye to their original location. But: all of that work, all the blood, sweat and tears… all the barriers overcome, the threats faced down, the impossible tasks completed… that was just the battle. The real war begins now. Appealing to their customer base, women from all walks of Stockholm life, the ladies of Swedish Homes set their sights on securing voting rights for women. I shudder to think that this was barely more than 100 years ago. The bravery of women like these, and their counterparts all over the civilized world, was revolutionary, indeed. And to think they did it all in corsets and dresses that dragged the ground and hats the size of serving trays! Just the thought of navigating public transportation wearing a hat that size makes me want to lie down.

Supporting each other through thick and thin – including the frightening medical crises of both Emmy and her horse! — Dagmar and her partners make it their mission to gather as many signatures as possible to be added to the parliamentary debate for voting rights. “What are you so afraid of?” she asks Frithiof Johannesson, who has gone into politics for the sole purpose of holding women back from achieving equality. Girl, that’s a good question. See you in 100 years, when we still don’t have the answer.

There’s always one.
There’s nothing like the solidarity of women. When we’re together, nothing can stop us… except other women. Siiiiiigh. There’s always a Mrs. Johannesson (or a lot of Mrs. Johannessons) who will go to great lengths to vote against themselves. Mrs. J doesn’t even have the right to vote, and she’s still doing it! Lady, is your comfortable life worth that cringing feeling when some man congratulates you on knowing your place? For shame.

Love is a battlefield.
You know, when you’re changing the world, it’s hard to find time for romantic entanglements, but somehow the gals of Swedish Homes manage even that. Axel finally came to see his wife for the complex, strong person that she is, but things are still a bit complicated there. Distance in a relationship creates space for, well, trespassing. Elsewhere, young love blossoms between Tora and Jon, but this beautiful gift, too, is not without significant complications, social and otherwise. But no romance is more precarious than the one undertaken by Kinna, who takes a chance on love with a new acquaintance and finds a cure for her personal loneliness – but, as with our other brave souls, at enormous personal risk.

Meanwhile, Miss Friman also undergoes a change in her household, opening her heart with all the practicality you would expect, calling upon instincts she never knew she had.

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