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Miss Friman's War Season 3: Sisterhood means ALL women

Remember Lottie’s nanny, Karin? Seems her little sister, Britta, came to the big city to try to make her way and met one of Stockholm’s most respected, upstanding citizens. Yes, what could be more wholesome than sharing a meal with an upper-class Parliamentarian, who has dedicated his life to helping the people of the community he serves? Turns out, a lot. Britta, so sweet and trusting, finds herself in terrible circumstances, unable to escape because the man who entangled her is the one who designed the system to trap her in the first place. Dagmar and the ladies cannot let this stand.

Putting the system on trial
The women of Swedish Homes, so understanding and protective of Kinna and Tomasina, who would normally be shunned from society and worse, imprisoned, must now stretch their tolerance further to extend the grace of sisterhood to Stockholm’s lowest class, prostitutes. It’s not illegal to be a prostitute, or use the services of one, apparently. Awfully progressive of you, Sweden… except, wait, the “system” says that prostitutes must be registered with the government? And submit to frequent medical exams to prevent the spread of disease? Sounds like good public health in action, until it is revealed that the patrons of these ladies of the night don’t have to do any of that! They merely go on about their business, symbolically and directly enslaving these women, basically, for life. It would be easier for Dagmar and the gang to bury their heads in the sand about this gross display of patriarchal oppression – it has never touched them, really, as women of some privilege – but have you ever seen an ostrich at Swedish Homes?

Meanwhile, Jon must go up against yet another unequally stacked system. Doing his best to raise and support little Tora, he encounters frustrating prejudice from social workers who do not believe a father is enough for a baby girl.

Unlikely allies
Political life is not easy. Even the scheming Mrs. Johannesson could not have forseen the machinations of her husband’s parliamentary counterpart. Will she and Mr. J be forced to acknowledge that “the biddies” were right all along about this whole need for equality thing? That may be going a step too far, but when it comes to protecting her own interests, Mrs. Johannesson clings to that oldest adage in the book: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Spring fever
Love is all around. Like, literally: public parks, chicken coops, everywhere. Having resigned herself after a terrible marriage that ended with early widowhood, Emmy is used to her independent life. Her unlikely friendship with Mrs. S presents an opportunity for lifelong companionship, and Emmy appears to have grimly accepted this odd-couple situation as her best option in life. I mean, you could do worse than living in a Stockholm mansion with an indulgent friend. It seems like a good deal but, tearing a page out of Kapten’s book, Emmy may be forced to admit that love arrives when you least expect it.

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