Borchert’s back! Money Murder Zurich Season 2 premieres March 23rd, 2021 – only on MHz Choice!

Premieres March 23rd

Quick recap of Season 1: Thomas Borchert is a disgraced lawyer who returns to his native Zurich to clear his name after getting caught up in a financial scandal abroad. He enlists the help of Dominique Kuster, an up-and-coming attorney (and daughter of his friend Reto Zanger) for his defense – and to help find out who set him up! She does so reluctantly at first, but slowly comes to appreciate the older man’s sense of justice and brilliant legal mind – so much so that they continue working together as public defenders after Borchert’s own case is resolved – before he was her client, now she’s his boss! As the second season begins, Borchert is lamenting the end of his relationship with Marlene as Dominique receives a cryptic message at the office…

Viewers of the first season know that after the first movie, Dominique Kuster is played by a completely different actress – a simple case of recasting due to the original actor’s unavailability. Anatomy of Evil actress Katrin Bauerfeind played Dominique in the first movie, “Borchert’s Case” – but from the second movie on, Dominique is played by Ina Paule Klink, whom MHz Choice viewers will recognize as Alex Holtkamp from the long-running Wilsberg. Similarly, police captain Marco Furrer is played by Felix Kramer from the start of the series until Season 2 Episode 3, when he is suddenly played by actor Pierre Kiwitt – who had a small but crucial role as Schmidt in A French Village Season 5 Episode 12. So don’t get confused by the change of actor(s). And yes, that also means both Dominique and her love interest have changed faces over the course of the series – both still very attractive, of course! Thankfully, septuagenarian sex symbol Christian Kohlund remains as Thomas Borchert throughout, as does Andrea Zogg as his best friend/taxi driver Beat Bürki – shades of Anatomy of Evil there!

Like Brock in Anatomy of Evil, Thomas Borchert is a rich, complex and imminently flawed character – and that’s what makes him fascinating to watch. As Christian Kohlund explains, “He leads his little struggle for justice – away from his corrupted life – towards his old idealism. He wants to get it right; he wants to do well. He keeps making mistakes, but persists. And that’s exactly the great thing about this role: Borchert doesn’t become a saint from one day to the next – that would be death for this character. It has to remain unconventional – professionally and privately.”

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