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Murder by the Lake Seasons 1 and 2 now streaming on MHz Choice. 

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Everyone’s two favorite loners are back! And they’re both as lean and hungry looking as ever. (Note: Will somebody please give Hannah a sandwich?) In terms of personality they’re a mismatched pair: one is free-wheeling, the other tightly wound. But partners they are, homicide investigators working cross-border crimes on Lake Constance, which sits in the middle of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Murder By the Lake Season 2 finds German inspector Micha Oberländer, post-marital breakup, living in his VW van and Austrian inspector Hannah Zeiler liquidating her apartment and possessions with a vengeance. Last season she learned that her father really didn’t die in a boat accident, but lived in secret and allowed her to endure a tortured childhood thinking he was dead. Season 2 begins with both characters picking up the pieces of their shattered lives.

In this clip, Micha swings by Hannah’s place to take her to a crime scene, and she’s in the middle of sorting through soul-crushing memorabilia.

We also want to give a shoutout to MHz Choice’s avid soundtrack fans – you’ve sent in a lot of queries about the series’ theme song, “Here Again,” by Chris Bremus and Michael Kadelbach. Here it is on Spotify:


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