Season 2 premieres October 2nd!


The producers of Detective Montalbano present a brand-new season of chaos, comedy and mystery! Murders at Barlume Season 2 premieres October 2nd, 2018 – only on MHz Choice!

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In the idyllic town of Pineta on the beautiful Tuscan coast lies a charming local watering hole, Barlume. Owned and operated by ex-mathematician Massimo Viviani, it’s home to a gang of eccentric septuagenarians who moonlight as amateur detectives, attempting to solve a series of increasingly baffling murders (two per year) that seem to strike when the weather gets hot. It’s almost too much for poor Massimo to take – and this new season sees him hit a breaking point! In the opening episode, a down-on-his-luck Massimo teams up with newly-demoted Vittoria to solve a murder. Meanwhile, Emo, Aldo, Gino and Pilade match wits against De Matteis, an arrogant, insufferable world-class pianist performing in Pineta at the invitation of the mayor. The maestro doesn’t stand a chance against our guys, does he?

The entire Barlume gang is back for more crazy fun – and some unexpected surprises. By the end of these four new episodes, nothing will ever be the same again – but you won’t be getting any spoilers here from us!

Murders at Barlume is filmed on the beautiful island of Elba off the coast of Tuscany. While Pineta is a fictional town, if you ever find yourself on Elba you can visit the real town of Marciana Marina, where most of the filming takes place. The actual bar itself is not a permanent fixture; it is a set that is taken down after filming, and re-built for each subsequent season at the same spot along the waterfront on Piazza della Vittoria. Molto bello!

The Barlume set during filming of the latest season.

Murders at Barlume Season 1 (DVD)
The hit Italian TV show, Murders at Barlume is a colorful new series of quirky mysteries based on the novels by Marco Malvaldi and produced by the same team that brought Detective Montalbano to the small screen. Set in the idyllic beach resort town of Pineta on the beautiful Tuscan coast, the show stars Filippo Timi as Massimo Viviani, the recently-divorced owner of the local watering hole, Barlume. Massimo loves puzzles of all kinds, and his sharp mind comes in handy as he frequently finds himself moonlighting as an amateur detective, solving strange crimes along with the gossipy gang of eccentric septuagenarians who frequent his establishment. Filmed on the magical island of Elba, Murders at Barlume is an irreverent mix of twisty mystery, outlandish comedy and Italian charm.

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