Series premiere July 2nd!


The Art of Crime Season 1 premieres July 2, 2019 exclusively on MHz Choice.

Premieres July 2nd!

Art lovers, you’re going to love The Art of Crime! Lots o’ museums and talk about paintings and artists… it almost seems like you should wear a smock while watching it! It also has smoldering chemistry between its mismatched leads, Captain Verlay (Nicolas Gob) and Florence Chassagne (Eléonore Bernheim). She’s an art expert with no nose for police work and he’s a cop with a blind spot about art. But despite their differences, they make a good team: Florence connects the disparate elements of an artist’s life and paintings to infer motive while Captain Verlay possesses superb investigative instincts. Too bad he’s not a patient guy and she’s got a few phobias!

MHz Choice viewers will also recognize Philippe Duclos (Judge Roban from Spiral) as Charlotte’s art historian father. In The Art of Crime he sports a rumpled look…. a far cry from his buttoned-up appearance in Spiral. (see below)

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