Our first series from Spain! Wealth, glamour, sex, greed, blackmail, murder, corruption… who knew diplomacy could be so exhilarating – and dangerous? Welcome to The Embassy, now on MHz Choice!

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He’s come to expose the dark secrets of the Embassy of Spain in Bangkok – but danger lurks around every corner. Luis Salinas, the new ambassador to Thailand, knows he’s going to get his hands dirty over the next few years – if he makes it that long. He’s accompanied to his new post by his journalist wife, Claudia, and their daughter, Ester – along with Ester’s boyfriend, Carlos. Luis faces opposition from corrupt businessmen and greedy officials who will go to any lengths to protect their lucrative operations – including targeting his family…

MHz Choice’s first Spanish language series comes from the makers of Velvet (which we recently released on DVD here) and Grand Hotel – but unlike those shows, The Embassy has its feet firmly planted in thriller territory. We begin at the end, with Luis standing before a judge accusing him of corruption, before flashing back to the beginning with Luis and his wife arriving at their new post in Bangkok. From there, the story unfolds across eleven feature-length episodes, as Luis confronts the corruption at the heart of this seemingly idyllic diplomatic outpost – and faces challenges at home as well, as Claudia and Ester become involved in affairs that threaten to seriously damage relations between Spain and Thailand – and tear the family apart.

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