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The Sandhamn Murders Season 2: Burning questions

If you fell in love with Thomas and Nora (not to mention Sandhamn, itself) in Season 1 of The Sandhamn Murders, you have no doubt been urgently waiting for the next installment of the beautifully shot, skillfully paced series. Who’s back, and how are our faves faring after awakening to what appear to be new phases in their lives? These and other burning questions await our examination.

Is Thomas OK?
He seems to be! After revealing the deep sadness he had been swimming in since the loss of his baby, shedding light on his sleep troubles and general brain fog, Thomas seems to have turned a corner. Solving last season’s murder with the help of Nora and his young assistant detective Carina, Thomas has righted his professional ship. I can imagine the stern tsks coming from his boss, Margit, had no small influence, but whatever his inspiration, he’s back on track. He’s also back on Sandhamn, having decided not to sell his nearby summer property on Harö.

Do we still have to deal with Nora’s extremely handsome, but problematic, husband?
Unfortunately, yes. Henrik is there, churning up more angst than the crashing sea. Despite his (attractive) whining, and (no, seriously, the guy is so absurdly good-looking) pining, Nora is resolute that their marital problems are significant. I mean, remember when he slapped her across the face? She’s not over it, and neither am I. It doesn’t help their relationship that Sandhamn is so small and, thus, whenever anyone gets murdered there, Nora can’t help becoming an unofficial member of Thomas’s squad! Is it her fault if she has a natural nose for crime? I’d find myself feeling sorry for Henrik if he wasn’t so insufferably (but gorgeously) the worst.

Any new players on the scene?
Replacing Carina, who is off duty for a very good reason, is a shrewdly observant new partner, Mia. She’s capable and smart and is exactly what Thomas needs – a friend. Is that jealousy we see in Nora’s eyes? Filling out the open “weird neighbor lady” position in the roster after Season 1’s Signe turned out to have quite a, uh, colorful history, is the gruff islander living next door to Thomas. What would a Swedish show be without a suspicious curmudgeon on the side?

L to R: Jakob Cedergren (Thomas) & Alexandra Rapaport (Nora)

Just how many murders are we talking, here?
The body count is two. Are they connected? Are the motives financial, sexual, familial, historical? For that, you’ll have to wait and see, but I guarantee a few twists. I really thought this thing was going one way, and it zigged when I was sure it would zag. Look out for: angry offspring, scheming rich people, unexpected bedfellows, etc. All the elements for a compelling mystery are in place, and Season 2 makes full use of them.

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