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The Sandhamn Murders Season 3: Burning questions

Thomas (and his sassy partner, Mia) are back on Sandhamn. Yes, people just can’t stop killing each other in this Swedish paradise, and they must be dealt with. It’s a brand-new summer and dismembered body parts are showing up where they shouldn’t. Teens are troubled. Senior citizens are behaving oddly. It’s all wrapped up with the tragic death of one young person, the disappearance two others and the ties that bind them all. All very interesting, but: what about the important stuff?

Will they, or won’t they, or what?
Nora, now well and truly divorced, free from the ice-cold hotness of Henrik, is starting to feel her oats as a single lady. Men flirt, and who could blame them? I mean, sometimes the men are inappropriately young, but pickings are slim on this tiny island. Ah, but here comes Thomas, back to solve another crime. They stare at each other. They smile. She turns to him in emergencies. He turns to her for insight about the island’s inhabitants. Her kids love him. Everything seems to be moving in a hopeful direction! But, wait…

EDITOR’S NOTE: Irene Huss fans rejoice! Angela Kovacs of MHz Choice subscriber favorite Irene Huss appears in Season 3 of The Sandhamn Murders! Watch clip below:

Is that old flame still burning?
Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you… in a good way? Thomas’s ex-wife has arrived back in Stockholm with a cat and, it appears, a sincere desire to heal their relationship that ended so sadly. Not now, girl! She seems nice enough, but what will it mean for him and Nora? Are they destined to be “just friends,” forever? He’s got enough friends! Well, he has two friends – Mia, who brings, um, underdressed guests back to his guest room, and his neighbor, Claire, who treats his garage like her own.

That sounds complicated. What about the case?
It is also complicated! In such a small, wealthy, community, things always are — generations-long family rivalries, suspicious accidents, creepy old guys, Sven-come-latelies. Season 3 has them all, with added touches like possible hidden graves in dark woods. Nora is there to provide much-needed context for the historical factors that seem to be in play. In fact, Thomas couldn’t solve the case without her, which makes me wonder why she’s bothering with bank law, or whatever she does back in the city, when she should be spending all her time chasing down killers. There’s a good deal of diversion to lead us away from the real culprit, and Nora’s the one who is able to fit the pieces together.

L to R: Jakob Cedergren (Thomas) & Alexandra Rapaport (Nora)

What’s the bottom line?
Grief is a mysterious thing. Some of us do not emerge from it with any hope for a healthy future. And some of us never emerge at all. Thomas seems to see the sun on the horizon, but can his newfound peace be maintained?

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