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You know how, when you travel internationally, the creature comforts are basically the same and, yet, a little off? You have to have a special voltage adapter for your hair dryer; there’s no top sheet on the bed; breakfast includes cheese, or… beans? Sometimes fish! If you’re going to spend time in another country, it’s much more fun to go all in on these foreign experiences and live like a local, and if you’re doing some virtual immersion, as we are, that means putting up with television produced and released in the European style.

Yes, the Swedes may be known for their efficient design, but they take a more casual approach to scheduling TV. These four 90-minute episodes of The Sandhamn Murders were released in Sweden as individual “seasons,” but your friends at MHz Choice have compiled them into one convenient Season 6. What difference does that make? Well, for one thing, that means each episode is a stand-alone mystery, which is fun – instead of one mystery arcing over several episodes. It’s four for the price of one! The interpersonal relationships serve as the connecting timeline, making it all the more meaningful as we reach the last episode, which concludes the series. Yes, I know, I’m not ready to say goodbye, either. As it prepares to unfurl, we anticipate the final season with some burning questions:

First of all, do the crimes live up to those of the previous seasons?
Oh, yeah, men are really suffering the consequences of their bad actions all over the Archipelago: philandering fathers, domestic abusers, alcohol smugglers, and one real genius who’s found himself mobbed up with Russians. Will they never learn? They won’t, and thank goodness, or Thomas and Mia would be out of a job, and Nora would be bored to death working her bank law job and drinking wine with Jonas. Keep your eyes open for Alexander Karim, veteran of both Johan Falk and Arne Dahl. He’s always good, especially when he’s bad.

Stefan Gödicke and Alexandra Rapaport in The Sandhamn Murders

Interpersonal relations?
Yes, things are still complicated. Thomas and Pernilla now have a toddler daughter; Nora and Jonas are full-on cohabitating; everybody is STILL in the Friend Zone. Six seasons we’ve been holding on for a sign that, someday, the pieces would fall into place for what seemed meant to be between Nora and Thomas. It’s true that we’ve enjoyed the sincere camaraderie between them as they traverse the sparkling waters of the Baltic Sea – it’s deeply earnest and really quite lovely — but… but… is that it? And, if she’s not going to be with Thomas, does Nora have to be with Jonas? I’m sorry, but the guy is unworthy! Yes, working with Thomas often gets her on the wrong end of a gun. Okay, she’s been tied up and almost burned to death a time or two. Fine. But, Jonas is not good enough. Nor is Pernilla, frankly. Oh, she just can’t stand to be in the most beautiful place in the world for a few months while he’s busy saving lives? Thomas deserves better! (I’m sorry! His real friends Mia and Claire know it, his boss, Margit, knows it, we all know it!) This worrying idea that our heroes won’t get the fulfillment they deserve is at the back of our minds as Season 6 begins and there is no shortage in twists and/or turns in their households, several quite unforeseen. As I prepared to watch the sun finally set over this summer paradise, all I wanted was the best for these two extremely tender, real characters, in this beautiful place. Will that payoff come? And, if so, how? See you on Sandhamn.

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