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Swedish crime comedy Triggermen now on MHz Choice.

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The series begins as Sonny Jakobsson, a 45-year-old career criminal, is released after a six-year stint in prison for armed robbery – straight into the waiting arms of his correctional case manager, Camilla! See, Camilla and Sonny fell for each other on the inside, and now that Sonny’s out they have big plans – for a house in the suburbs, for domestic bliss with Camilla’s ten-year-old daughter, Lina, and, most importantly, for Sonny to leave his old criminal life behind him. The only problem is, finding a regular job isn’t easy for an ex-con! So, reluctantly, Sonny agrees to do a quick job for Göran, his old boss, who teams him up with rookie gangster Nima to make some fast cash. Only things don’t go exactly as planned, and Sonny soon finds himself back in his old game full-time, with one foot (secretly) in the criminal underworld, and the other in suburban family life…

Sonny is played by Torkel Petersson, familiar to MHz Choice subscribers as Jonna’s playwright boyfriend in Thicker Than Water. Camilla is played by Liv Mjönes, whom you may recognize from her roles as Petra in The Fat and the Angry, and as the wife of Gustaf Skarsgård’s title character in The Library Thief. Camilla’s ex-husband, Jonas, is played by Jimmy Lindström, who played right-winger Johan in Blue Eyes. And, last but certainly not least, mob boss Goran – sorry, Göran – is played by the incomparable Dragomir Mrsic, the creator and star of Alex!

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