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The satirical black comedy-drama Welcome to Hindafing now available – only on MHz Choice!

You like the Coen Brothers? You like House of Cards? Then you might very well fall head over heels in love with Welcome to Hindafing, a hilarious, Fargo-style look at the dark underbelly of Western civilization, Bavarian-style. Equal parts satire, drama and bawdy, clever comedy, Welcome to Hindafing tells the story of the rise and fall (mostly “fall”) of provincial mayor Alfons Zischl, Jr. and the fictional town of Hindafing, a village so deep in the Bavarian backwoods that it doesn’t even have its own Autobahn exit (yet). Its soccer team aspires to qualify for the ninth division next season, its nightlife is dominated by a truck stop and a beer hall, and its biggest employer is a faux-organic slaughterhouse. Welcome, indeed.

Above: Maximilian Brückner in Welcome to Hindafing


Maximilian Brückner plays Mayor Alfons Zischl, an actor MHz Choice subscribers will recognize from his recent starring role as Martin Luther in Reformation. The rest of the cast is less well known to North American audiences, but each inhabits their role to perfection.

Alfons Zischl, Jr.
Alfons Zischl, Jr. is the highly indebted mayor of Hindafing, who owes money not only to the bank but also to his drug dealer. (He has a serious meth habit.) The assets of his late father disappeared overseas in black money accounts. In order to gain access to these funds, Zischl enters into a deal with the district administrator: Hindafing must take in a group of refugees and house them in the only space available, which just happens to be the future site of Sepp Goldhammer’s new organic food market.

Marie Zischl
Marie is the wife of Mayor Alfons Zischl, Jr. Their marriage is anything but harmonious, and Marie distracts herself from the nonstop drama of life with Alfons (and his mother) by dedicating herself to painting. Alfons has promised her a gallery/showroom in Donau Village, Sepp Goldhammer’s proposed organic food market, but the arrival of the refugees puts a halt to those plans. In retaliation, she has an affair with Hannes, her art professor at the local university.

Sepp Goldhammer
Sepp is the CEO of Goldhammer Meats, which has ambitions to (one day, maybe) be the biggest organic butcher in all of Bavaria. Goldhammer’s proposed organic food mall, Donau Village, is in the final stages of development when the arrival of Zischl’s refugees puts a halt to those plans. Sepp is even more incensed when his wife, Gabi, takes a shine to the refugees and becomes heavily involved in the logistics of the Donau Village shelter!

Gabi Goldhammer
Gabi is Sepp’s wife, and the secret power behind the throne of Goldhammer Meats. She wants to combine organic food and refugee integration and make Donau Village a modern showcase accommodation. She’s a devoted mother to her slacker son, Moritz, and always on the lookout for new opportunities for him. She’s also a freak in the sheets and a regular at truck stops and swinger parties.

Karli Spitz
Karli Spitz is the owner/proprietor of the local clubhouse/beer hall – one of Hindafing’s most popular attractions. Karli bears a grudge against Mayor Zischl for two reasons: First, for eyeing his clubhouse as a potential site for a new refugee shelter, and secondly, because he suspects Zischl of being the biological father of his daughter Jackie’s five-year-old daughter!

Erol Yildirim
Erol is a “law and order” conservative who, despite his Turkish roots, fosters deeply patriotic feelings for his adopted German homeland and its people. He lives in Hindafing with his children, having left his wife in Munich for personal reasons. He is a dedicated policeman who takes it upon himself to investigate Mayor Zischl on suspicion of drug trafficking. And, later, human trafficking. And, eventually, murder. (It gets a little complicated, can you tell?)

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