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Wilsberg has a way of growing on you. It’s a low-key slice of Münster life and features an atypical crime-solving hero. That’s its charm – Wilsberg’s hero (Leonard Lansink) is a sleeper, so things are not what they seem. Georg’s rumpled, sad-sack self disguises an investigative Babe Ruth. He looks schlumpy, appears unremarkable and doesn’t even stand up straight. And he runs an antique bookstore – what excitement does that offer? But watch out when he lumbers up to the plate. Some kind of transformation happens as he swings the bat – wham, it’s out of the park! Georg always gets the bad guy, always sees through people and he knows human nature enough to sidestep the pitfalls when temptation crosses his path – either personal or financial.

Someone else who sees the real Georg is Anna Springer (Rita Russek), the Münster police chief. Beneath her tough exterior she carries a torch for him and in every episode he uses that to his advantage. In Season 2 Episode 3, Georg is recuperating from some accident and is confined temporarily to a wheelchair. After having turned down Anna’s offer to care for him in her apartment, he changes his mind when it seems that staying at her place will help him solve a case. So he breaks her heart again… poor Anna!

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