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German mystery series Wilsberg now streaming on MHz Choice.

Season 3 Premieres August 20th

Do you ever wonder if Wilsberg will get a car of his own? Will Ekki ever get the girl? Will Wilsberg and Anna ever get together?

Fear not, in Wilsberg Season 3 things continue swimmingly and Wilsberg remains a watchable, entertaining cop drama/comedy. Georg Wilsberg continues as his schlumpy anti-hero self, outsmarting the bad guys without a gun and getting to the crime scene before police captain Anna does. Anna continues to hold Georg close in her heart, although in Season 3 she doesn’t seem as interested in catching him as she has in previous seasons.

Wilsberg’s goddaughter, Alex, still hangs around the bookstore but has grown up and is a practicing lawyer with a prestigious firm. Ekki, the tax auditor remains a part of Georg’s life and is very much in search of love. In fact, he and Overbeck (Anna’s deputy) get taken in by the same beautiful siren in one episode and fight over her like middle school boys. Good times in Münster!

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