Move over, Bukow & König – there’s a new dysfunctional detective duo in town! The atmospheric German crime drama Wolfsland coming to MHz Choice!

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The beautiful medieval town of Görlitz lies nestled in the forests of Upper Lusatia in Saxony, near the Polish border. It’s an atmospheric setting, rich with local legends and colorful characters – none more so than Detective Burkhard “Butch” Schulz, the gruff, 50-something protagonist of Wolfsland. To say much more about his character would do the show a disservice, as the series sets up initial mysteries involving Butch that are slowly revealed over the course of the first few episodes. The same applies to Butch’s new partner, the ambitious, by-the-book criminalist Viola Delbrück, newly arrived from Hamburg. To say these two opposites don’t exactly hit it off would be putting it mildly – she resents having to be his “babysitter”, and he resents having to be babysat. But like Butch, Viola has secrets of her own that will be revealed in time…

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