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CAUTION! Spoilers ahead!

As we approach the thrilling conclusion to Spiral* Season 6, subscribers may wonder if they’ve seen some of these remarkable actors in other MHz Choice series. The answer to that question is a resounding “yes!” – otherwise this would be a very short article, wouldn’t it? Read on…

Audrey Fleurot (Joséphine Karlsson)

A French Village
Audrey Fleurot plays ambitious lawyer Joséphine Karlsson in Spiral, and she is equally famous to aficionados of fine television (otherwise known as “MHz Choice subscribers”) for playing the gorgeous, self-destructive Hortense Larcher in all seven seasons of A French Village. She’s really, really good at playing these ridiculously damaged characters, isn’t she?

Robin Renucci (LEFT) and Audrey Fleurot (RIGHT) in A French Village.

Thierry Godard  (Gilles “Gilou” Escoffier)

A French Village
Thierry Godard plays streetwise cop Gilles “Gilou” Escoffier in Spiral, and like his redheaded co-star he headlined all seven seasons of A French Village as local businessman and would-be mayor Raymond Schwartz. Neither series sees Godard and Fleurot sharing much (if any) screen time together, though, as their story arcs rarely intersect.

Thierry Godard as Raymond Schwartz in A French Village.

Philippe Duclos  (François Roban)

Maigret | Nestor Burma
Philippe Duclos plays steely, rigorous Judge François Roban in Spiral, but this isn’t the only classic French TV series he’s appeared in. Over two decades ago, Duclos guested opposite acting legends Bruno Cremer and Guy Marchand in episodes of Maigret and Nestor Burma, respectively. Instantly recognizable despite the passage of time, Duclos played Mr. Thiberge, a local shopkeeper with a passion for fishing, a wild-eyed stare and a somewhat shaky reputation in 1997’s Maigret and the Elusive Witness. The following year, equally memorably, Duclos played Jean Fournier, a local tomato producer, hair farmer and Nestor Burma’s chief suspect in Burma and the Belle of Paris.

Philippe Duclos as Mr. Thiberge in Maigret and as Jean Fournier in Nestor Burma.

Sylvain Dieuaide (Jean-Étienne Vern)

In Spiral, Sylvain Dieuaide plays the weaselly Jean-Étienne Vern, de facto head of his family’s law firm after his father’s debilitating stroke. In Magellan: Theater of Blood, Dieuaide played shifty stagehand Léo Ruelle, a suspect in the murder of a member of Saignac’s amateur theatrical troupe.

Sylvain Dieuaide with Jacques Spiesser in Magellan.

Lionel Erdogan (Tom)

Antigone 34
Lionel Erdogan played Tom, loyal (and handsome) member of Captain Laure Berthaud’s Paris police squad, in 20 episodes of Spiral from 2014-2017. In 2012, Erdogan played Fifi, loyal (and handsome) member of Captain Léa Hippolyte’s Montpellier police squad, in all six episodes of Antigone 34. They’re totally different characters, honest!

Lionel Erdogan with Anne Le Nen in Antigone 34.

Louis-Do de Lencquesaing (Éric Edelman)

Kaboul Kitchen
Louis-Do de Lencquesaing plays attorney Éric Edelman, Joséphine’s boss turned *spoiler alert* in Spiral. Ahem. In the second season of the uproarious comedy Kaboul Kitchen, de Lencquesaing played Paul Braque, Jacky’s long-time nemesis – basically, the Newman to Gilbert Melki’s Seinfeld.

Louis-Do de Lencquesaing with Simon Abkarian in Kaboul Kitchen.

 * Due to distribution limitations, this program is only available to stream within the U.S.

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