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If you’re enjoying Spring Tide Season 2 as much we are, you might be wondering if you’ve seen some of the actors in other MHz Choice shows – and you most likely have! Apart from the many returning cast members such as Julia Ragnarsson (Olivia), Kjell Bergqvist (Tom) and Dar Salim (Abbas, soon to be seen in Dicte) – all of whom you can read about here – Season 2 includes more familiar faces from some of your other favorite Scandinavian series. Read on…

Alexandra Rapaport (Charlotte Pram)

One of Sweden’s most popular and prolific actors, Alexandra plays Charlotte Pram, young Sandra’s workaholic (and rather unlikable) aunt in Spring Tide Season 2. You’ll also recognize her from other marquee MHz Choice titles: The Sandhamn Murders, The Team, Codename Hunter and Johan Falk. Later in 2019, you’ll see her in a brand-new series called Gåsmamman (which means “Mother Goose”) – playing a suburban mom who takes over her late husband’s marijuana business… a very different kind of role for her!

Saga Samuelsson (Sandra Sahlman)

Young up-and-comer Saga plays Sandra, Olivia’s teenage neighbor and fellow troubled soul in Spring Tide Season 2. You might also recognize her as Vera, the sullen young daughter of Nora’s loser boyfriend in The Sandhamn Murders, and as Emelie Berglund, the title character in Missing.

Mårten Klingberg (Jean Borell)

Mårten plays ruthless billionaire Jean Borell in Spring Tide Season 2. You might also recognize him as far right leader Peter Westman in Blue Eyes, and as Nick Ingvar, half of the “Nick and Robban” police duo throughout Beck Season 2. Behind the camera, Mårten is an accomplished writer/director responsible for many recent Beck movies.

Malena Engström (Ovette Andersson)

Malena plays ex-prostitute Ovette, mother of young Acke Andersson, in both seasons of Spring Tide. She also played Bea, Kurt’s love interest in Wallander Season 3, and had a pivotal guest star turn in The Sandhamn Murders Season 2.

Amanda Ooms (Luna Johansson)

Amanda plays free spirit Luna in Spring Tide Season 2, who first meets Tom when she rents him out a cabin on her boat. You might also recognize Amanda as Angela, the long-suffering wife of Gothenburg’s own Inspector Winter!

Reine Brynolfsson (Magnus Thorhed)

Reine plays Jean Borell’s right-hand man, the unfortunately named Magnus Thorhed, in Spring Tide Season 2. You might also recognize Reine as Lennart Rask, Mikael Persbrandt’s head of security in the classic kidnap thriller Medicine Man, and as Spiken, Annika Bengtzon’s editor in “Paradise” and “Deadline”.

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