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Season 2 of Bulletproof Heart starring Gigi Proietti premieres Sept. 19th!

Season 2 Premieres September 19th!

Ready for another Roman holiday? Season 2 of Bulletproof Heart brings back the merriment with Gigi Proietti and the gang. The only addition is newspaper editor, Gabriele (Massimo Poggio), who’s replaced the scheming vixen, Renzoni and bounced her back to the newsroom. Besides Proietti’s starpower, Bulletproof Heart also features a terrific ensemble of established comic and dramatic actors, many of whom MHz Choice viewers have seen in other series. There’s one comic actress new to the MHz Choice library, however – Luciana De Falco, who plays the court records librarian, Wanda. Most episodes have a scene in which Bruno (Proietti) has to sweet talk Wanda into letting him see court records without the requisite paperwork. Always painful for him, and delicious to watch!

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