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12 Days of Murder Schedule


02novAll DayMovie of the Week: Like Thunder In a Cloudless Sky (305)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the Week

02novAll DayArsène Lupin - Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:France,French,Mystery

09novAll DayMovie of the Week: The Woman With Red Hair (306)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the Week

09novAll DayU.S. | CANADA SERIES PREMIEREMarnow MurdersNEW SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,Germany

16novAll DayThe Promised Life - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Drama,Italian,ItalyActors:Luisa Ranieri

16novAll DayMovie of the Week: Duplicity (307)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the Week

23novAll DayMurder In… - Season 8NEW SEASONCategories:English Subtitles,France,French,Mystery

23novAll DayU.S. | CANADA SERIES PREMIEREA Good YearLIMITED SERIESCategories:Belgium,Crime Drama,Dutch,English Subtitles

23novAll DayU.S. | CANADA SERIES PREMIEREChanging Rooms - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Comedy,English Subtitles,France,French

23novAll DayMovie of the Week: Her Word Against His (308)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the Week

30novAll DayThe New Nurses - Season 3NEW SEASONCategories:Danish,Denmark,Drama,English Subtitles

30novAll DayU.S. | CANADA SERIES PREMIEREHappily Never AfterNEW SERIESCategories:Drama,English Subtitles,Iceland,Icelandic

30novAll DayMovie of the Week: Death in the Soul (309)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the WeekActors:Hugo Becker

12 Days of Murder Schedule


07decAll DayMovie of the Week: A Woman in Danger (310)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the WeekActors:Marion Cotillard

07decAll DayU.S. | CANADA SERIES PREMIEREThe Days the Flowers BloomNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:Drama,English Subtitles,Sweden,Swedish

07decAll DayU.S. | CANADA SERIES PREMIEREArsène Lupin - 813NEW SERIESCategories:France,French,Mystery

07decAll DayChanging Rooms - Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:Comedy,English Subtitles,France,French

14decAll DayMovie of the Week: Roxana's Hands (311)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the Week

14decAll DayThe Promised Life - Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:Drama,Italian,ItalyActors:Luisa Ranieri

14decAll DayEnrico Piaggio: VespaNEW SEASONCategories:Drama,Italian,Italy

14decAll DayU.S. | CANADA SERIES PREMIEREWilder - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:German,Mystery,SwitzerlandActors:Sarah Spale

21decAll DayMovie of the Week: Deadly Summer (312)NEW FEATURECategories:Drama,France,French,Movie of the WeekActors:Aïssa Maïga,Bruno Debrandt,Bruno Solo,Nicolas Gob

21decAll DayThe New Nurses - Season 4NEW SEASONCategories:Danish,Denmark,Drama,English Subtitles

21decAll DayBeck - Season 7NEW SEASONCategories:English Subtitles,Mystery,Sweden,SwedishActors:Kristofer Hivju,Peter Haber

28decAll DayMurders at Barlume - Season 3NEW SEASONCategories:Italian,Italy,Mystery

28decAll DayThe Art of Crime - Season 5NEW SEASONCategories:France,French,MysteryActors:Eléonore Bernheim,Nicolas Gob,Philippe Duclos

28decAll DayThe Sandhamn Murders - Season 7NEW SEASONCategories:English Subtitles,Mystery,Sweden,SwedishActors:Alexandra Rapaport,Nicolai Cleve Broch

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