New Family Drama 'Bannan' from Scotland – in Gaelic on MHz Choice!

Premieres March 16th!

At the start of Bannan, Màiri MacDonald (Debbie MacKay) returns to her childhood home on the scenic Isle of Skye to attend the funeral of a family friend. Intending to only stay for a week, Màiri is transfixed by the beauty of island life and finds comfort in the customs she left behind. But this reawakening also brings back painful memories of unresolved conflicts.

As this clip begins, Màiri and her cousin Iain (Ali MacLennan) have just slipped out of the funeral luncheon for a ride on the ATV – which Iain is not supposed to be driving.

Then Màiri’s father (Iain MacRae) shows up and things go even further south.

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