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Episode 31
Detective Montalbano investigates a series of bizarre kidnappings, the arson of an antique store and the disappearance of its playboy owner. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2018.
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According to Protocol

Episode 30
A beautiful, beaten woman drives herself to an apartment building, where she collapses and dies. Her intent seems to have been to direct attention to one of the building’s tenants. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2016.
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First Look: A Nest of Vipers

Episode 29
A man arrives at his father’s home to find him dead, murdered with a shotgun while drinking coffee in the kitchen. With no sign of forced entry, it’s clear the victim knew his murderer. Finding locals with possible motives is easy, because he spent a lifetime exploiting young women and making enemies of fellow townspeople. Montalbano also discovers that the victim wasn’t just shot, but had been poisoned hours earlier. It’s as if two murderers had decided that night, independently of one another, to kill him. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2016.
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The Mud Pyramid

Episode 28
In his investigation of the murder of an accountant and the attempted murder of a bricklayer, Montalbano discovers a ring of corruption between construction companies and the Mafia. With acumen and courage he penetrates the impregnable “mud pyramid” and attempts to bring down the elaborate organization once and for all. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2015.
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A Delicate Matter

Episode 27
On his way to a vacation, Montalbano ends up working on two very different cases. One concerns the murder of a well-loved 70-year-old woman who worked as a prostitute, and the other is an accusation of molestation at a school. The latter case he handles with discretion, and he also manages to finally identify the woman’s assassin. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2015.
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Cast & Crew

Salvo Montalbano
Nobody rocks the police chief gig like Salvo. He’s decent, honest and hates bureaucracy. He loves Sicily, justice and his girlfriend, Livia. Sicilian cooking leaves him weak in the knees.

Domenico “Mimì” Augello
Vigata’s Latin Lover, Mimì cannot resist women. He’s OK with being number two at the police station, as long as it means working next to his best friend, Salvo.

Giuseppe Fazio
A loyal assistant, Fazio serves tirelessly and anticipates what’s needed for investigations. His exhaustive information gathering can drive Montalbano a little crazy.

Agatino Catarella
If there’s a way to screw up a name or a phone message, Catarella will find it. No one cries more easily, loves more loyally or manages the computers as well as he.

Livia Burlando
An architect and Montalbano’s girlfriend, Livia prefers to live in Genoa. She and Salvo are star-crossed lovers, incapable of staying apart but not quite able to live together in Sicily.

Dr. Carmelo Pasquano
Too many grisly crime scenes have taken their toll on Vigata’s coroner. He lives for his nights out playing cards, which Montalbano invariably interrupts.

Alberto Sironi
The award-winning director of all 28 episodes of Detective Montalbano, Sironi’s superb casting of Sicilian actors for the supporting characters gives the series its authenticity.

Andrea Camilleri
As the author of the internationally popular crime novels featuring Detective Montalbano, Andrea Camilleri is considered a national treasure. At 91, he’s still writing.

Production Stills


Detective Montalbano: Episodes 29 & 30

A Nest of Vipers & According to Protocol
Murder, betrayal, office politics, temptation… it’s all in a day’s work for Detective Salvo Montalbano who’s back in these first two new episode of Detective Montalbano in nearly three years. This DVD set also includes the documentary “Montalbano and Me: Andrea Camilleri” filmed with the inimitable creator of Sicily’s most beloved detective.


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