Season 2 premieres October 2nd!

One feature of Murders at Barlume that’s garnered the series some international attention is its very distinctive opening title sequence – a fun, eye-catching, hand drawn animation that illustrates key themes, plot points and characters.

Art of the Title, a fascinating website devoted to movie and TV title sequence design, featured an interview with designer Stefano Carugati about his work on the series.

From Art of the Title:
Let’s put our feet up. Let’s have a drink, play some cards. Let’s do the crossword and take delight in diversion with the opening titles to Sky Cinema’s TV miniseries I delitti del BarLume. A two-part narrative based on the works of Italian writer Marco Malvaldi and produced for Italian audiences, the miniseries features a crime mystery laced with comedy.

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Image courtesy of The Art of the Title