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Premiere Schedule (2019)

january 2019

201901janAll DayFeaturedChefs - Season 1NEW SERIESActors:Nicolas Gob

201908janAll DayMurder In… - Season 1NEW SERIES

201915janAll DayChefs - Season 2NEW SEASONActors:Clovis Cornillac,Hugo Becker

201922janAll DayWelcome to HindafingNEW LIMITED SERIESActors:Maximilian Brückner

201929janAll DayFeaturedCaptain MarleauNEW SERIESActors:Corinne Masiero,David Suchet,Gérard Depardieu,Jacques Spiesser,Pierre Arditi,Sara Martins

february 2019

201905febAll DayFeaturedThe Library ThiefNEW LIMITED SERIESActors:Gustaf Skarsgård

201912febAll DayA Night in FlorenceNEW DOCUMENTARYActors:Andrea Bocelli

201912febAll DayDon’t Ever Wipe Tears Without GlovesNEW LIMITED SERIES

201912febAll DayA Night in VeniceNEW DOCUMENTARY

201919febAll DayMafia Only Kills in Summer - Season 2NEW SEASON

201926febAll DayFeaturedRivals ForeverNEW LIMITED SERIES

201926febAll DayRedemption RoadNEW LIMITED SERIES

201926febAll DayMurder In… - Season 2NEW SERIESActors:Thierry Godard

march 2019

201905marAll DayFeaturedAlex - Season 1NEW SERIESActors:Dragomir Mrsic

201912marAll DayThe Bastards of Pizzofalcone - Season 1NEW SERIESActors:Alessandro Gassman

201912marAll DayMatteo Messina DenaroNEW DOCUMENTARY

201919marAll DayFeaturedAllmenNEW LIMITED SERIESActors:Heino Ferch

201926marAll DayFeaturedThe Sandhamn Murders - Season 6NEW SEASONActors:Alexandra Rapaport,Jakob Cedergren

april 2019

201902aprAll DayMiss Friman's War - Season 1NEW SERIES

201909aprAll DayMurder In… - Season 3NEW SERIESActors:Sara Martins

201916aprAll DayMiss Friman's War - Season 2NEW SEASON

201916aprAll DayFeaturedThe Weissensee Saga - Season 4NEW SEASONActors:Florian Lukas,Hannah Herzsprung,Uwe Kockisch

201923aprAll DayWilsberg - Season 1NEW SERIES

201930aprAll DayMiss Friman's War - Season 3NEW SEASON

may 2019

201907mayAll DayFeaturedThe Undertaker - Season 5NEW SEASONActors:Mike Müller

201914mayAll DayMiss Friman's War - Season 4NEW SEASON

201928mayAll DayDetective Ellen Lucas - Season 1NEW SERIES

june 2019

201904junAll DayMurder In… - Season 4NEW SEASON

201911junAll DayNele Neuhaus MysteriesNEW LIMITED SERIES

201918junAll DayFeaturedLiving a Lie - Season 1NEW SERIESActors:Catherine Ayers,Matthew Gravelle

201918junAll DayFeaturedDetective Montalbano - The Other End of the LineNEW EPISODEActors:Cesare Bocci,Luca Zingaretti

201925junAll DayFeaturedDetective Montalbano - A Diary from 1943NEW EPISODEActors:Cesare Bocci,Luca Zingaretti

201925junAll DayWilsberg - Season 2NEW SEASON

201925junAll DayMoney Murder ZurichNEW LIMITED SERIES

july 2019

201902julAll DayFeaturedThe Art of Crime - Season 1NEW SERIESActors:Eléonore Bernheim,Nicolas Gob,Philippe Duclos

201909julAll DayDetective Ellen Lucas - Season 2NEW SEASON

201916julAll DayFeaturedBanking DistrictNEW LIMITED SERIES

201923julAll DayLiving a Lie - Season 2NEW SEASONActors:Catherine Ayers,Matthew Gravelle

201923julAll DayItalianaMHz CHOICE PREMIERE

august 2019

201906augAll DayThe Art of Crime - Season 2NEW SEASONActors:Eléonore Bernheim,Nicolas Gob,Philippe Duclos

201913augAll DayFeaturedAnatomy of Evil - Season 2NEW SEASONActors:Heino Ferch

201920augAll DayBukow and König - Season 2NEW SEASON

201920augAll DayWilsberg - Season 3NEW SEASON

201927augAll DayFeaturedSpring Tide - Season 2NEW SEASON

september 2019

201903sepAll DayFeaturedThe Berken CaseNEW FEATURECategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,France,FrenchActors:Audrey Fleurot,Philippe Lefebvre

201903sepAll DayTatort: Borowski - Season 4NEW SEASONCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,GermanyActors:Axel Milberg

201910sepAll DayFeaturedInspector DupinNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:English Subtitles,German,Germany,MysteryActors:Pasquale Aleardi

201917sepAll DayFeaturedThe EmbassyNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:Drama,English Subtitles,Spain,Spanish

201924sepAll DayMurder By The LakeNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,Germany

october 2019

201901octAll DayFeaturedProfessor T - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,GermanyActors:Matthias Matschke

201908octAll DayFeaturedInspektor MaxNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:Czech,Czech Republic,English Subtitles,Mystery,Slovak

201915octAll DayFeaturedDicte: Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,Danish,Denmark,English SubtitlesActors:Iben Hjejle

201922octAll DayProfessor T - Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,GermanyActors:Matthias Matschke

201922octAll DayTatort: Munich - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,Germany

201929octAll DayFeaturedGåsmamman - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,Sweden,SwedishActors:Alexandra Rapaport

november 2019

201905novAll DayFeaturedThe Vertical LineNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:Comedy,English Subtitles,Italian,ItalyActors:Valerio Mastandrea

201912novAll DayFeaturedTriggermen - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Comedy,English Subtitles,Sweden,SwedishActors:Dragomir Mrsic,Torkel Petersson

201926novAll DayFeaturedThe New Nurses - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Danish,Denmark,Drama,English Subtitles

201926novAll DayDicte: Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:Crime Drama,Danish,Denmark,English SubtitlesActors:Iben Hjejle

december 2019

201903decAll DaySuite NoireNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,France,French

201903decAll DayGåsmamman - Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,Sweden,SwedishActors:Alexandra Rapaport

201910decAll DayTriggermen - Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:Comedy,English Subtitles,Sweden,SwedishActors:Dragomir Mrsic,Torkel Petersson

201910decAll DayThe DiplomatNEW LIMITED SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,GermanyActors:Natalia Wörner

201917decAll DayFeaturedTatort: Lindholm - Season 1NEW SERIESCategories:Crime Drama,English Subtitles,German,GermanyActors:Maria Furtwängler

201924decAll DayFeaturedMurder In… - Season 5NEW SEASONCategories:English Subtitles,France,French,Mystery

201924decAll DayThe New Nurses - Season 2NEW SEASONCategories:Danish,Denmark,Drama,English Subtitles

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