Streaming International TV Thrillers Are the New Cinema

Thelma Adams, RealClear Life 1/11/18

Last night I screamed at the TV – and I wasn’t even watching MSNBC!

I was streaming the MHz Choice thriller The Team, which ended on a cliffhanger so hard that I jumped up from the couch and disturbed the cat who hadn’t even received that reaction when, earlier that evening, she brought in the first mouse of the winter still alive and chirping like a carbon monoxide detector.

My Academy screener of All the Money in the World sat unwatched and still sealed beside the remotes on the coffee table. (And that was even before folks started boycotting the film for allegedly paying star Michelle Williams $1,000 for reshoots while Marky Mark got a cool $1.5 million.)

While the movie industry disappoints and struggles to compensate for an inclusion that isn’t organic to the studios, storytellers elsewhere seize the opportunity. The Team isn’t reinventing the wheel; it’s just a super good (as opposed to masterpiece super plus plus) eight-episode Danish cat-and-mouser. It follows the particularly gory slaughter of a quartet of prostitutes and the bloody, bloody fallout. The titular team is international: Dane Harald (Lars Mikkelsen, Mad’s brother and the most exquisite Putin knockoff in House of Cards), German Jackie (Jasmin Gerat) and Belgian Alicia (Oscar-nominee The Broken Circle Breakdown‘s Veerle Baetans). [more]

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