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A sweeping, gripping family saga of conflicting loyalties, love and betrayal, set behind the Iron Curtain in 1980s East Berlin. Uwe Kockisch (Donna Leon’s Brunetti) stars as Hans Kupfer, a Stasi officer whose youngest son, Martin, falls in love with Julia, the daughter of a dissident singer. Their courtship threatens the safety of both families, and sets into motion tumultuous events which play out over the course of the subsequent decade.
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Hans Kupfer
Hans serves as deputy to General Gaucke at the Ministry for State Security, aka the Stasi. Still believing in the ideals of Socialism, Hans nevertheless is a realist and a humanist, and he advocates a peaceful response to the growing civil rights activism throughout East Germany. His moderate attitude stands in stark contrast to the hardline views espoused by his ambitious son, Falk…

Martin Kupfer
Two years after Julia’s death, Martin continues searching for their child, Anna, who he now knows was swapped at birth. A careless bicycle accident brings him into contact (quite literally) with visiting West German journalist Katja Wiese, and from that moment their destinies are intertwined – it is November 9th, 1989, the day the Berlin Wall falls.

Falk Kupfer
Distressed over his failed marriage and the stress of his job, Falk focuses his home life on being a good father to his adopted daughter, Sonja. But the events of the fall of ’89 weigh heavily on his mind, and as the Wall falls he advocates a violent response to the freedom demonstrators. Promoted to Major General even as the Stasi lose their grip on power, Falk concocts a desperate plan to save his own skin…

Vera Kupfer
It’s been more than a year since Vera left her husband Falk for the dissident pastor Robert Wolff. She has thrown herself into the civil rights movement, chairing the Democratic Forum, and is that group’s favorite to represent them at the upcoming Round Table talks with the East German government. When Robert disappears on the same day the Wall falls, Vera immediately suspects the Stasi – and more specifically, her ex-husband…

Marlene Kupfer
Marlene is once again happy in her marriage to Hans, and the fact that Martin has returned to live with them means family peace seems to be restored. But the disintegration of the Party and the impending collapse of the GDR take a physical toll on Marlene, and she falls desperately ill. With new threats from within and without, Marlene rouses herself to once again fight for the only thing that truly counts – her family.

Dunja Hausmann
A founding member of the Democratic Forum, Dunja advocates radical reforms that she argues are essential for maintaining East Germany as a viable state. She is suspicious of the rapidly emerging desire for reunification and what she sees as the “appropriation” of the East by the West. Aware that she would become persona non grata if her past activities as a Stasi informant were to become public, she turns to her old flame Hans Kupfer for help…

Katja Wiese
A freelance journalist from West Berlin, Katja is secretly working on a photo-essay documenting the everyday lives of the citizens of East Berlin when she meets Martin. After learning of the search for his missing daughter, she uses her contacts in the Western press to help him in his quest. Sensing a breakout story, she is increasingly torn between professional ambition and her love for Martin.

Peter Görlitz
Görlitz is a sergeant with the Volkspolizei, and Martin’s former colleague. The two are still good friends, each providing support for the other as they go through their personal struggles. To Görlitz, the fall of the Berlin Wall means a lot: more women, more stuff to buy and new revenue streams! To supplement his salary, Görlitz hatches a plan to smuggle East German police gear to the West for big money. When that scheme fails, he sets his sights on an even bigger prize – winning the lottery!

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