What to Watch?

Summer starts here! To celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, here are some of the most summer-y MHz Choice shows to binge on, as well as a pair of popular actors who have birthdays this week. Let’s bring it!

Detective Montalbano | Young Montalbano


What would summer be without Salvo? Filmed in the ancient, sun-washed Sicilian province of Ragusa, Andrea Camilleri’s stories sizzle with (August) heat. Choose between two great models (“Classic” and “Giovane”) – but you don’t have to choose, binge on both! Added bonus: Luca Zingaretti and the gang star in two brand-new feature-length Detective Montalbano movies, premiering June 27th only on MHz Choice! (Watch teaser trailer here) We just finished subtitling them, and can confirm they are splendiferous!

Murders at Barlume


In the idyllic town of Pineta on the beautiful Tuscan coast, recently-divorced Massimo Viviani owns the local watering hole, Barlume. He also moonlights as an amateur detective, solving strange crimes with the gossipy gang of eccentric septuagenarians who frequent his establishment. As Massimo so accurately observes, every summer there are two murders in Pineta – lucky for us, since that means more episodes of this delightful show! NOTE: More episodes are indeed planned for production – we’ll keep you posted!

Camilla Läckberg | Camilla Läckberg’s Fjällbacka Murders


Erica Falck is a successful crime novelist who has recently moved back to the beautiful fishing village of Fjällbacka on the dramatic and picturesque west coast of Sweden along with her policeman husband, Patrik. But simmering beneath her hometown’s serene beauty lie dark, hidden secrets and twisted desires just waiting to erupt into the ultimate sin – murder! Too bad for the myriad vacationers, backpackers, tourists and beachcombers who pass through town – but a lot of fun for viewers of these two popular, sun-soaked series!

The Inspector and the Sea


Located on the Swedish island of Gotland, the medieval town of Visby looks like a picture of innocence. But behind the facades of its brightly colored houses lurk evildoers of all stripes – con men, kidnappers, killers. Solving the island’s crimes is the job of German inspector Robert Anders, an engaging, laid-back family man who lives on the island with his Swedish wife, Line. Based on the bestselling crime novels by Mari Jungstedt, this series features suspense in spectacular, summer-y landscapes!

Memorial Day Weekend Birthdays!

Happy birthday to Jérôme Robart, who celebrates his birthday on May 27th. Apart from memorable guest star roles in A French Village and Paris, Jérôme is best-known to MHz Choice viewers as the iconic Parisian police commissioner Nicolas Le Floch. Celebrate Jérôme’s special day by binging out on all twelve Nicolas Le Floch movies this weekend!

And finally, happy birthday to Norway’s own Jon Øigarden, who celebrates his birthday on May 31st. Jon had a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in Dirty Money White Lies, but came to the fore as Arnold in the popular Norwegian miniseries The Half Brother. He shot to Scandinavian superstardom as journalist Peter Verås in the gripping conspiracy thriller Mammon – so plenty of binge-worthy goodies there to celebrate Jon’s birthday with this weekend!

Tip: How to Watch Offline Videos

Traveling this holiday weekend? Heading onto a long flight, the subway or just want to save MHz Choice videos to watch later without worrying about an internet connection? Follow these steps here to watch MHz Choice videos offline.

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