Why Only One Season?

That’s a question we get asked a lot at MHz Choice, and there are a variety of answers depending on which particular series is being referred to. Many times, the answer is simply because that’s all that’s been produced! (We love Speakerine, for example, but there is no second season.) Also, the majority of our programs do not follow the standard American production pattern of a set number of new episodes every year. Shows like Detective Montalbano, Tatort: Borowski and Magellan premiere two new (feature-length) installments per year, give or take, in their countries of origin. Other series, like Beck, can have a gap of four or five years between episodes. And lastly, sometimes a series that we love just doesn’t land with our subscribers so we forgo pursuing subsequent seasons due to lack of subscriber interest. So, as you can see, it can get complicated! As a general rule, if you see something on iMDB indicating more seasons of a series, that doesn’t necessarily translate to how our seasons are structured.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding seasons and our (hopefully) helpful answers!

What’s up with the number of seasons of A French Village? Why are they listed differently on IMDb than how they are on MHz Choice?

Robin Renucci in 'A French Village'

A French Village is a great example of why it’s always best to go by the number of episodes rather than by the number of “seasons”. Although A French Village was originally produced in 12-episode blocks, some of the earlier episodes aired in France in six-episode blocks. Thus, the number of “seasons” can vary depending on whether one is referring to a six-episode or 12-episode grouping. For the purposes of MHz Choice, and to keep our DVD releases consistent, the first five seasons of A French Village were grouped together in 12 episodes blocks, for a total of 60 episodes. Episodes 61-66 are grouped together as Season 6 on MHz Choice, and the final six episodes are now streaming on MHz Choice as Season 7. Rest assured — we have ALL 72 episodes of this fantastic series on MHz Choice! And before you ask, there are no more episodes planned in this series. We’re sad about that, too!

Why are there only two episodes in Beck Season 4?

After Beck’s third season ended in 2006, there was a gap of three years before the series returned with two feature films, which premiered theatrically in Sweden in 2009 and 2010. These two movies constitute Season 4, before the series returned to its usual eight-episode format with the fifth (and, at the time, final) season in 2015/16.

What? Why are there only six seasons of Beck on MHz Choice? I've seen a seventh season listed online!

Another good example of why it’s always best to go by the number of episodes rather than by the number of “seasons”. Here, we simply grouped the episodes differently. Episodes 27-30 of Beck originally aired in Sweden in 2015 and episodes 31-34 aired there in 2016. When MHz Choice premiered these eight episodes in the US in September of 2016, we grouped them all together as a single fifth season for ease of use. Similarly, when MHz Choice premiered the most recent Beck episodes in December 2018, we grouped them all together as Season 6. **Update: As of July 2020, four new episodes of Beck are in various stages production, but there are no premiere dates yet for Sweden or anywhere else.**

Why are there only two seasons of Bukow & König on MHz Choice? IMDb says there’s 46 seasons!

That’s true, the Internet Movie Database does indeed state that Bukow & König started in 1971 – a year before Bukow actor Charly Hübner was born! The Bukow & König episodes are part of the Polizeiruf 110 series – basically the East German version of Tatort, a banner under which different regions of Germany produce one or two movies a year featuring their own sets of detectives, like Freddy and Max in Tatort: Cologne or Klaus Borowski in Tatort: Borowski. Here’s what happened: after we released our very popular Bukow & König DVD sets several years ago, someone updated the IMDb page for the entire Polizeiruf 110 TV crime franchise, renaming the whole thing as Bukow & König – even though the episodes starring Hübner as Alexander Bukow and Anneke Kim Sarnau as Katrin König didn’t begin until 2010! (Polizeiruf 110 itself did indeed start in 1971, a year after Tatort.) So no, there’s not 46 seasons of Bukow & König. That would be silly.

Bukow and König All Seasons Available
Why is there an extra season of Bukow and König on Amazon Prime? CLICK HERE for details.

Why are there only two seasons of Captain Marleau? IMDb lists three seasons!

We’re going to sound like a broken record (remember those?) when we say: Count the episodes, not the seasons – because we group the episodes differently on MHz Choice. Our Captain Marleau Season 1 consists of 12 episodes, which includes all of the French “Season 1” and most of the episodes from the French “Season 2” as well! Our Season 2 consists of the next six episodes, so that’s 18 of the 20 episodes which have aired in France through July 2020. Subsequent episodes are not available to us yet. Sign up for our newsletter here for updates. 

I see more episodes of Crime Scene Cleaner have been produced! Why aren’t they on MHz Choice?

We love Schotty. The first 27 episodes of Crime Scene Cleaner are available to stream on MHz Choice here.

Subsequent episodes are not available for us to license at this time.

Why is there only one season of Detective Montalbano?

When we launched MHz Choice, we decided to group all the episodes (26 at the time) together as a single season. Of course, that means that every time a pair of new Montalbano episodes is produced, they’re added to the end of the existing season rather than forming their own (very short) new season. So, rest assured, we have every single Detective Montalbano episode that’s been produced to date! The same logic applied to Nicolas Le Floch (12 episodes in total) and the 17-episode first “season” of Tatort: Cologne.

I see more episodes of Marie's Mind for Murder have been produced! Why aren’t they on MHz Choice?

MHz Choice first licensed the Marie’s Mind for Murder series in 2014. At the time, ten Marie Brand movies had been produced, up to “Song of Love and Death”. They originally premiered in Germany at the rate of one or two new films per year – not in traditional American TV “seasons”. We grouped these first ten films together as “Season 1” when we released them on DVD and on MHz Choice, for ease of use.

Since that time, a further 15 films in the Marie’s Mind for Murder series have been produced. To request a series for consideration, please click here.

Why is there no Wallander Season 2 on MHz Choice?

At this time, we only have the rights to stream Seasons 1 and 3 of Wallander starring Krister Henriksson on MHz Choice.

There are episodes missing from Detective Ellen Lucas Season 1! Why?

A number of our viewers have commented that episodes seem to be missing in our presentation of Detective Ellen Lucas Season 1. They are exactly right. We were not able to acquire the rights to the original German episodes 2 and 4 (no one is – the rights are tied up in a legal dispute) and so there are some things missing in the narrative arc of the series. Sorry about this, folks. There’s nothing we can do. But we can tell you this – there are no gaps in our presentation of Season 2 and you’ll see the rest of the episodes in the order they originally aired in Germany.

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