Survey Results

In a recent survey, we asked MHz Choice subscribers what they thought of the new Detective Montalbano episodes and the results are in! We tracked some of the more popular words subscribers used to describe the new episodes and the results are displayed in the word cloud below.

New Episode Trailers

A Delicate Matter

Episode 27
On his way to a vacation, Montalbano ends up working on two very different cases. One concerns the murder of a well-loved 70-year-old woman who worked as a prostitute, and the other is an accusation of molestation at a school. The latter case he handles with discretion, and he also manages to finally identify the woman’s assassin.
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The Mud Pyramid

Episode 28
In his investigation of the murder of an accountant and the attempted murder of a bricklayer, Montalbano discovers a ring of corruption between construction companies and the Mafia. With acumen and courage he penetrates the impregnable “mud pyramid” and attempts to bring down the elaborate organization once and for all.
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